Zoey and Dexter 6

Zoey Kruger: Killer Cop

Zoey Kruger
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Christina Cox
Season Four
First Appearance
Dex Takes a Holiday
Last Appearance
Dex Takes a Holiday
Appears in
One Episode
Full Name
Zoey Kruger
Monster (by Sam, a blood tech)
Manner of Death
Stabbed in the chest by Dexter Morgan
34 (at death)
Personal Status
Marital Status
Unnamed husband (deceased)
Immediate Relatives
Unnamed daughter (deceased)
Professional Status
Patrol Officer
Pembroke Pines Police Department
Killer Profile
"No Known Moniker"
Number of Victims
Modus Operandi
9mm handgun
Killing Method
Gunshots designed to look like those of a home invader
Method of Disposal
Kruger felt suffocated by her family and killed them to be free.

Officer Zoey Kruger is a character in Season Four of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She was a policewoman who shot and killed her husband and daughter. She framed the crime on a gang member who was "conveniently" gunned down shortly after in a supposed gang-related shooting. Unlike most known police officers, she worked for the Pembroke Pines Police Department.


Dexter Morgan suspects that Zoey is a murderer when he reads the blood spatter report from the shootings in her house. Zoey's husband and daughter were killed in what she claimed was a home invasion. Strangely, she survived with a minor wound. She said the intruder escaped, though she managed to clip him. That same intruder was later found shot to death in the street.

Dexter finds several problems with her story. First, he observes Zoey at a shooting range and discovers she is an expert marksman during a training exercise. This makes it extremely unlikely she would only graze an attacker. Also, the attacker left no blood other than a smear on a door jam. By examining the photos, Dexter could tell Zoey was wearing gloves during the shooting.

Zoey hosts an open house, which Dexter uses as a cover to look around. She flirts with him and commiserates when Dexter expresses frustration with married life. While Zoey talks with a prospective buyer, Dexter deduces that she disposed of her (nitrile) gloves in her garbage disposal. He temporarily breaks it and finds a sliver of a glove still inside the disposal. Back at the lab, he finds blood and gunpowder residue on it, confirming that Zoey used her own gun to kill her family.

Zoey learns that Dexter is investigating her case from Langsbury, and is suspicious that his motive is to bring her to justice. She threatens him, but Dexter sets a trap for her inside his own home. When Zoey arrives, prepared to stage another "home invasion," Dexter subdues her. When she wakes up in her daughter's bedroom, Zoey explains how the pressure of family life forced her to kill her husband and daughter. Dexter notes the similarity between them but, to his own surprise, he realizes that he would rather get caught than lose his family.

Dexter informs her that he booked a trip to the Philippines (a non-extradition country) and he'll pack her suitcases to make it look like she fled to avoid re-opening the investigation into her family's murder. He collects a blood slide and kills Zoey by stabbing her in the chest.

Dexter was amused that Zoey seemed to have some kind of fascination with rape. Not only did she threaten to accuse Dexter of attempted rape when she pointed her gun at him in the restroom, she also asked him if he was going to rape her when she was on his table.


Attempted Victim


  • Outside of the Main Antagonists, Zoey was perhaps one of the most dangerous targets Dexter went after in the series, given her skill with weapons and hand-to-hand combat, her ability to manipulate a crime scene, her influence and contacts in the police department, and how quickly she identified Dexter and tracked him down.

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