Zack Adelman's House

Zack Adelman's House

Zack Adelman's House is a location on Showtime's series DEXTER.

The house is pink, with a heart-shaped porch. Plastic pink flamingos and other lawn ornaments are scattered throughout the front yard.

Season Three


While looking for a murder suspect nicknamed Freebo, Detectives Angel Batista and Joey Quinn visit one of his past associates, Zack Adelman. Zack seems reluctant to let them in, so they question him while standing outside the door. Zack insists that he hasn't seen Freebo in over two years.

The detectives decide to go inside and, since Zack is a parolee, he can’t keep them out. Although Zack says he is home alone, a sound is heard elsewhere in the house. Zack says it’s just a cat. With guns drawn, the detectives kick in the bathroom door and find Zack's girlfriend dumping pills into the toilet. Quinn complains about the paperwork that will cause him to miss a date with a willing woman. As the detectives are about to arrest Zack and his girlfriend, Zack proposes a deal. He claims to have valuable information about a guy awaiting trial named Chicky Hines. They relay the info to Lt. Maria LaGuerta, who passes it on to ADA Miguel Prado.

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