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Wormwood Paramedic:

Wormwood Paramedic: Emergency Responder

Wormwood Paramedic is a character in Season Six of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He assesses Dexter Morgan after he’s exposed to poison gas.


Dexter saves the police department from a poison gas attack when he shoves Beth Dorsey and a poison gas canister into the interrogation room and holds the door closed. The building is evacuated as Beth coughs up blood and quickly succumbs. Before Debra pulls Dexter away, he breathes in a small amount of gas that is leaking from around the door.

Outside, Debra asks a paramedic if Dexter is alright.

Dexter: “I'm fine.”
Debra: “I love you, but I wasn't talking to you.”
Paramedic: “I mean, he was lucky. The exposure was very mild, but this gas attacks the upper respiratory tract. You could get nosebleeds followed by extreme dizziness, especially after physical exertion. You need to get to the hospital.”
Dexter: “Got it.” [The paramedic, believing him, walks away.]
Debra: “You gonna go to the E.R.?”
Dexter: “On my honor."
Debra: “Stop with the sarcastic bullshit, all right?”
Dexter: “No bullshit, I will. Really.”
Debra: “Okay. How did you know that crazy bitch was a threat?”
Dexter: “Just luck, I guess.”
Debra: [Laughs] “Fuck luck, I'll take you. Dex, you saved a lot of lives today. You saved my life.”
Dexter: “I'd never let anything happen to you.”
Debra: “Come here.” (They hug.)

While not enough to kill him, the effects of the gas later cause Dexter to lose consciousness later while he’s stalking Travis Marshall.

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