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Wife Killer is an unseen character in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER.

Dexter Morgan remembers killing him a year ago, after Miguel Prado tells a lie.


The morning after Dexter and Miguel kill Billy Fleeter, Miguel’s wife shows up at Rita and Dexter’s house. She is frantic because she thinks her husband is having an affair. When Dexter assures Sylvia that Miguel was with him until midnight, she replies that he just came home an hour ago. This is a surprise to Dexter and he stops at Miguel’s house on his way to work. A cheerfully whistling Miguel is about to leave for the courthouse.

Miguel: [shaking Dexter’s hand] “Dex. Dex, man. How you doing? You OK?”
Dexter: “I'm good.”
Miguel: “Me too. It's like there was an imbalance in the world, and we righted it. With our own hands.”
Dexter: “It was deserving.”
Miguel: “I don't know. I feel real. Like, maybe for the first time in my life.”
Dexter: “I know what you mean. But. If we're thinking about continuing these extracurricular activities...”
Miguel: “Absolutely.”
Dexter: “You need to work on your alibis. Syl stopped by this morning, wondering where you'd been.”
Miguel: “Ah, shit. Cono. I'm a moron.”
Dexter: “I tried to cover for you, but I thought you went home.”
Miguel: “I'm sorry, man. I went over to Jack's Hideaway on 57th. I was, like, so wired. The next thing I know, the sun was coming up.”
Dexter: “Jack's Hideaway.”
Miguel: “Don't worry about Syl. I can handle that. I got a motion hearing this morning, though, I don't wanna miss.” [Miguel gets into his SUV and starts the engine.] “I'll get better at this. With your help.”

As Miguel drives away, Dexter thought, I stalked a wife-killer at Jack's Hideaway last year, grabbed him right at closing. At 2:00 a.m. Sylvia said Miguel got home an hour ago. Did he just lie? To me?

Later, Dexter discovers that Miguel had killed Ellen Wolf during the night.

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  • The wife killer's blood slide is one of the four already in the box when Dexter adds a fifth slide for Cal Rooney.
  • Dexter killed him a year ago so it would have been in the summer or early fall of 2007.