West-Gate 2

West-Gate Cemetery

West-Gate Cemetery is a location in Season Three of Showtime’s series DEXTER.

It is a place where Miguel Prado hid the body of Ellen Wolf after he killed her.


Miami, Florida


To prove that Freebo is dead, Dexter Morgan takes Miguel Prado to the cemetery and shows him the grave where Freebo is supposedly buried underneath a casket. Dexter is lying, however, as he doesn’t want to reveal that he dismembered the body and disposed of it at sea. Miguel thinks that burying a body in an open grave is a great idea. He proposes having the body exhumed but Dexter talks him out of it, saying it was his first kill and he may have left evidence behind.

When Miguel’s wife says that he didn’t come home all night, Dexter suspects that he murdered Ellen Wolf because she is missing. Dexter thinks Miguel probably buried Ellen in an open grave in the cemetery. When Dexter checks the new graves, he soon discovers the body of Ellen at the bottom of one. He then confronts Prado at a waterfront cafe, but Miguel is arrogant and unrepentant, believing himself to be untouchable.

To teach Miguel a lesson, Dexter returns to the cemetery, digs up Ellen's body, and leaves it exposed. After two boys find it, police arrive at the cemetery and finish exhuming the body. Maria LaGuerta arrives, very distraught. Miguel, also on scene, realizes that Dexter is responsible for Ellen's body being discovered. He praises Dexter for teaching him a lesson, but Dexter thinks he’s being facetious.

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