11 Wayne

Wayne Randall: Spree Killer

Wayne Randall
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Daniel Buran
Season Seven
First Appearance
Sunshine and Frosty Swirl
Last Appearance
Sunshine and Frosty Swirl
Appears in
One Episode
Full Name
Wayne Randall

Manner of Death
Late 30s
Dark Brown
Personal Status
Marital Status
Immediate Relatives
Donna Randall (mother)
Killer Profile
"No Known Moniker"
Number of Victims
At least 7 (including himself, directly)
At least 1 (indirectly)
Modus Operandi
Blades & Guns
Killing Method
He took his former girlfriend Hannah McKay on a 3-state killing spree. He would shoot or stab his victims, often hiding out in their motel rooms.
Method of Disposal
Buried the bodies near where they were killed
It is unknown why Randall went on the killing spree. Serving life imprisonment led to him "surrendering" to his situation. He offered to help police find the remaining bodies of his victims. However, his ultimate goal was to experience a few pleasures of life, such as warm sunlight and ice cream, before he killed one more person -- himself.

Wayne Randall is a Character in Season Seven of Showtime's series DEXTER.

Wayne was the former boyfriend of Hannah McKay, the two having gone on a killing spree in 1997.


Wayne was a white male, approximately six feet tall, with dark brown hair, and a short beard. His apparel consisted of an orange prison jumpsuit, with white sneakers. He was always shackled.


Not much is known of Wayne prior to his temporary release under police supervision to help locate bodies. A bit was revealed when he and the police officers became irritated with each other.

During a conversation with Dexter, Wayne said that his conscience was buried under a lot of "Wayne Randall." He stated that he learned to accept his punishment. To this degree, Wayne appeared enlightened and at peace with himself. When Wayne committed suicide, Dexter believed that he didn't really care whether the police found the bodies, and that he only sought a few days of warm sunlight and ice cream from the Frosty Swirl.


Fifteen years ago, Wayne went on a three-state killing spree, taking Hannah McKay with him. After they were apprehended in Florida, Wayne was given two life sentences. Hannah (15-years-old) was cut a deal and placed in a group home, following her cooperation to turn state-evidence against Wayne.


Dexter Morgan has a few conversations with Wayne while he is working as a forensic specialist at a possible burial site (in place of Vince Masuka). Wayne's seeming acceptance of his circumstances intrigue Dexter, who is dealing with his sister, Debra, who discovered that he is a serial killer.

On the last day that Wayne and Dexter talk, Wayne expresses his feelings about Hannah. He says that each day with her was like Christmas Day, but she no longer cares about him and only thinks of him as a "killer." Wayne then remarks that he needs to kill "one more person." To Dexter's surprise, Wayne promptly jumps in front of a semi-trailer truck, spraying Dexter with his blood. Debra comes running back from the ice cream stand, dropping two Frosty Swirls. Dexter construes that Wayne could not handle life in prison...and wonders if he could.


  1. Unnamed gas station attendant in Ashford, Alabama
  2. Unnamed victim in Georgia
  3. Unnamed gas station attendant in Lake City, Florida
  4. Unnamed man in Sarasota, Florida
  5. Janice Debois
  6. Mr. Johnson (he stabbed him to death five times while Hannah stabbed his wife to death in a frenzy)
  7. Himself. Wayne told Dexter that there was "one more person" that he needed to kill, and then jumped in front of a oncoming semi-truck.

Indirect Victim

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