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Warren: Meek Husband

Warren is a character in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER.

His wife complains to Rita Bennett about the honeymoon suite in Z Hotel.


Rita (pregnant and not feeling well) is in the ladies’ room of Z Hotel, talking to Astor over the phone. The hotel manager knocks on the door, needing her back at work. When Rita returns to the front desk, she is approached by a newlywed couple (Kim and Warren).

Kim: “We need to switch rooms. We were expecting to watch the sun set from our honeymoon suite, because, obviously, we're on our honeymoon, but we couldn't see anything.”
Rita: “Right, uh... well, the sun sets in the west. And Miami is on the east coast of Florida, so there's really nothing we can--”
Kim: “The brochure said, "Watch the sun set over the ocean." Didn't it, honey?” (to Warren)
Warren: (receiving a look from Kim) “It may have said "sunrise."”
Kim: “We want your best room.”
Rita: “The honeymoon suite is our best room.”
Kim “There's always a better room.”
Rita: “Look, I'm sorry. Perhaps I can offer you a complimentary breakfast?”
Kim: (angrily) “I want a higher floor, a better view, and better lighting. It was way too dark in there with the curtains closed.”
Rita: (holding out a brochure) “How ‘bout a one-hour spa treatment?"
Kim: I want a better room."
Rita: (losing patience) “All right, we don't have a better room unless you build one, and being a bitch isn't gonna change that.”

The manager overhears the conversation and takes Rita aside to fire her.

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