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Waitress (Delancey):

Waitress (Delancey): Cheerful Server

Waitress (Delancey) is a character in Season Five of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She works in the restaurant where Dexter Morgan and Rita Bennett meet on a blind date.



Dexter is already in the restaurant when Rita arrives and introduces herself. He chose this particular place because he is stalking Marcetti, a guy sitting at another table.

The waitress first hands menus to Rita and Dexter, and then returns with their drinks.

Waitress: [to Dexter, referring to Rita] “I was wondering what you were doing sitting here by yourself for so long. Now I see.”
Rita: [to Dexter] “I paid her to say that.”
Dexter: “You did?”
Rita: “No, I was... just kidding.”
Dexter: “Me too.”

The date is going well until Marcetti leaves the restaurant. Dexter abruptly follows him out, captures him in the parking lot, and then returns inside. He apologizes to Rita, saying that he doesn’t feel well, and leaves her sitting alone at the table. He then drives away with Marcetti in the trunk of his car.

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