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Waitress (Coffee Stand) is a character in Season Six of the Showtime series DEXTER.

She's amused when Angel Batista and Debra Morgan bicker over which one is paying for their coffee.


In the aftermath of the restaurant shooting, Matthews promotes Debra to Lieutenant. Unfortunately, Maria LaGuerta had already promised the position to Angel. To break the news to Angel, Debra takes him out for coffee at a snack stand near the police station. Angel won’t let her pay, saying he can afford it (since he assumes a pay raise). As they step away from the stand, Angel asks Debra what she wanted to talk about.

Debra: “I just wanted to let you know that I'm the detective I am because of you.”
Angel: “Thank you.”
Debra: “And you have always, always had my back. And, more than that, you're like family to me.”
Angel: “Where is this going?”
Debra: [nervously] “Don't look at me for a second.”
Angel: “Deb.”
Debra: “Angel, Matthews has asked me to be the new Lieutenant. I'm sorry. I know how much you wanted this.”
Angel: “What did you say?”
Debra: “That you should be the new lieutenant, not me.”
Angel: [slightly hopeful] “What did he say?”
Debra: “He wouldn't listen. I could never, ever do this job without your blessing, so you just say the word, and I'll tell Matthews to go fuck himself.”
Angel: [after a pause] “This... is really great.”
Debra: [smiling] “You mean that?”
Angel: “Damn right. It's about time a real cop had that job. I couldn't be happier. Come here.” [He hugs Debra, but he looks disappointed.] “I'm gonna need that money back, though.”
Debra: [Laughs] “Okay.”