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Waiter (Schooner or Later):

Waiter (Schooner or Later): Server

Waiter (Schooner or Later) is a character in Season Seven of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He transfers a phone call from Dexter Morgan to Isaak Sirko.


Dexter is about to enter his apartment when he notices that his curtains are open. He realizes that someone has been inside (and maybe still is). He phones his own answering machine (pretending to be a guy named Sam) and leaves a message that he’ll meet Dexter at "Schooner or Later" at 1:00. Isaak Sirko, who is waiting inside to ambush Dexter, hears the message, packs up his torture tools, and heads to Schooner or Later. As soon as Isaak takes a seat on the patio, a waiter brings him a phone.

Waiter: “Excuse me.”
Isaak: “Yes.”
Waiter: “I think I have a phone call for you.”
Isaak: “A small coffee, please.”
Isaak: (on phone) “Hello?”
Dexter: “Why were you in my apartment?”
Isaak: “Well, aren't you Mr. Smarty-Pants?”

Isaak says he’s aware that Dexter killed Viktor Baskov and he’s out for revenge. He believes there is a police conspiracy and he’s going to kill any cops who are part of it, including Debra. Dexter asserts that he alone killed Viktor and they hang up after threatening to see each other again.

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