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Volunteer 2:

Volunteer 2: Rescuer

Volunteer 2 is a character in Season Four of the Showtime series DEXTER.  

He helps save the life of Arthur Mitchell.


Dexter has accompanied Arthur to Tampa to work at a Four Walls One Heart build site. However, Dexter’s true objective is to kill Arthur. After he sets up a kill room in his hotel room’s bathroom, he breaks into Arthur’s room to capture him. Although it’s 4:45 a.m., he’s not there. Dexter finds Arthur’s van in the parking lot, but his work tools are not inside. Realizing that Arthur is on foot, likely heading to the build site, Dexter takes off running.

Upon arrival, Dexter searches the partially constructed building. Suddenly, he hears the thud of Arthur dropping his tool belt. Looking up, he sees Arthur standing on the edge of the roof. As Dexter creeps toward him with a syringe of M99, Arthur empties the last of his sister’s ashes onto the ground below.

Dexter grasps Arthur’s intent when he spreads his arms and steps closer to the edge. Dexter, wanting to kill him, quickly grabs Arthur as he falls. The glass vial drops and shatters. As he holds onto Arthur’s arm, Dexter tells him that this isn’t how he will die. Arthur begs Dexter to let go, and Dexter weighs whether he should keep him alive just to kill him. He’s about to let Arthur slip from his grasp when two construction volunteers run over and seize Arthur’s arm, shouting,“Gotcha! Gotcha!” They tell him to hold on, give them his hand. Arthur is hoisted back up to the roof where more volunteers gather around him.

Now safe, Arthur looks over at Dexter and gasps, “I thought God sent you so that I could save you. But God had another plan. He sent you to save me. Not exactly, Dexter thought. The volunteers view Dexter as a hero.

On the way back to Miami, Arthur asks Dexter to think of the event as a “little accident.”


  • I’ve killed an innocent man, and I’ve saved a guilty one. I won’t make that mistake again. ~Dexter (to himself)

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