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Viktor Baskov's Apartment Tower

Viktor's Apartment Building

Viktor Baskov’s Apartment is a location in Season Seven of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It's where Viktor, a member of the Koshka Brotherhood, lived before he was killed by Dexter Morgan.


1420 Brickell
Miami, FL


At the crime scene of Det. Mike Anderson’s murder, Dexter discovers a fingerprint and by using Interpol, he learns that it belongs to Viktor Baskov. Dexter suspects that Viktor is the killer of both Mike and dead stripper who was found inside the trunk of Viktor's car.

To find proof of Viktor's guilt, Dexter looks up his address and breaks into his apartment, where he finds blood and gunshot powder on a shirt. Viktor’s computer shows that he booked a flight to Kiev, with the plane leaving in two hours. Dexter locates Viktor at Miami International Airport, kills him in a storage room, and dumps his body in the Gulf Stream.

Tony Rush, the boyfriend of Kaja Soroka, is questioned by police as a suspect in her murder. He finally reveals that Kaja left The Fox Hole with Viktor Baskov on the night she was killed. The police then search Viktor's apartment (though it's not shown). However, no one can find Viktor (because he has been murdered).

Isaak Sirko, Viktor’s boss (and lover), uses his key to Viktor's apartment, which still has a police seal on the door. Inside, the place is a mess, having been ransacked by the cops. Isaak sits on the sofa and looks tearfully at a photo of himself and Viktor together. He tenderly touches it and swears that he will avenge his death.

Dexter breaks into the apartment again, planning to kill Isaak and blame it on the Columbian cartel. Unexpectedly, he runs into a hit man who was hired to kill Isaak. The hit man notices Dexter's gloves and realizes he is also there to kill Isaak. Despite the hit man having a gun, Dexter quickly gains the upper hand, and slashes his throat. He jokes afterward, "We could've just gone halfsies."

The next day, Isaak and Jurg Yeliashkevych arrive at the apartment and discover the hit man's body. Jurg informs Isaak that he is one of George Novikov's men, and Isaak deduces there is now a price on his head. Jurg alerts the cops about the corpse and the apartment becomes a crime scene. When Dexter arrives, Isaak makes subtle comments to let him know that he’s aware that he’s the killer.


  • Because he is a marked man, Isaak no longer stays in this apartment and hides out in another apartment. Dexter later appears in that location after Hannah is kidnapped.

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