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Victor Lopez

Victor Lopez Death Investigator

Victor Lopez is a character in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood.

He shows the body of Jasper Hodge to Police Chief Angela Bishop.


Angela is surprised when Sergeant Logan tells her that Jim Lindsay (Dexter) beat up Miles O'Flynn, a drug dealer. After Miles was arrested, he quickly gave up the name of his supplier, Jasper Hodge. Logan then coordinated with the state police to arrest Jasper, but he was found dead, having accidentally overdosed while pressing pills. Miles was held in custody for 24 hours, but Jim only for one hour to cool off.

Angela tracks down Miles at the Crystal Bar in Moose Creek. Miles tells her that Jim wanted to buy drugs and they went outside to make a deal. Suddenly, Jim stuck a needle in his neck and began punching him as the cops pulled up. Miles shows her the injection mark on his neck and Angela takes a picture.

Growing suspicious, Angela visits Victor, the coroner, to view Jasper's body. She asks how often he sees this type of death, with Victor replying, "Fentanyl overdose? Are you kidding? By the guy making the pills. Eh, it happens. He had, um, ketamine in his system, too." He says it's not a lethal drug interaction but, since Ketamine is a party drug, Jasper likely took it to mellow out, which made him sloppy. Victor again confirms that the evidence points to an accidental overdose, adding, "Unless someone put a gun to his head and made him snort a line."

Angela checks Jasper's neck, notices an injection mark, and takes a picture.

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