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Uniform Cop (Transcorp):

Uniform Cop (Transcorp): Victim of DDK

Uniform Cop (Transcorp) is a character in Season Six of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He is killed on a rooftop by Travis Marshall aka The Doomsday Killer.


Travis is close to enacting the last tableau, which will (supposedly) bring on the End of Days. He kidnaps Harrison from his pre-school and takes him to the top of the Transcorp Building -- a Miami skyscraper. An eclipse is imminent, during which Travis will sacrifice Harrison as an "innocent."

The police suspect Travis’s plan and have dispatched an officer to each of the tallest buildings in Miami. Using Harrison as a distraction, Travis kills the cop on Transcorp by striking him across the throat with a sword. When Lt. Debra Morgan checks in with the various buildings, Travis grabs the officer’s radio and says, "All clear."

Dexter Morgan arrives in time to save a crying Harrison. He overpowers Travis and knocks him out.

Debra again calls Transcorp, but there is no reply. The police rush to the building and find the dead officer. When Travis cannot be found, Captain Maria LaGuerta assures a distressed Debra that he will still be caught.

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