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Underwater Graveyard

Underwater Graveyard is a location, discovered in Season Two, in the Showtime series DEXTER.

It was Dexter Morgan’s dumping spot for his victims until it was chanced upon by scuba divers. He then began to discard remains directly into the Gulf Stream, a powerful oceanic current.


  • Atlantic Ocean, near Miami, FL

Due to the killer’s moniker (Bay Harbor Butcher), the graveyard was likely a few miles off the coast of Bay Harbor Islands - a town separated from the mainland by Biscayne Bay. Since the average depth of Biscayne Bay is only 10 feet, Dexter would dump his victims into the Atlantic Ocean.


Radar shows a 65-feet-deep crevice on the sandy sea floor.


Before Dexter dumped his victims at sea, he used other methods, such as burying them or leaving them for alligators in the Everglades. In the Early Cuts storyline, Dexter tried to incinerate Gene Marshall’s body parts, but it caused an explosion. He then looked for a better way to dispose of his victims and purchased a fishing boat from Marshall's psychiatrist, Dr. Greenstein. Dexter docked it at Coral Cove Marina, and used nearby rocks to weigh down the body bags so they wouldn’t float to the surface. Later, Dexter moved his boat to another marina to avoid suspicion.

Discovery of Bodies

As treasure hunters search for a sunken galleon off the coast of Miami, their radar shows an aberration on the sea floor. Hoping to find the ship and its gold, two scuba divers approach the site.

Their metal detector crackles and they search through the the sand, finding a cleaver. Nearby, they notice a black garbage bag and open it. They're shocked when body parts emerge, and they hastily swim back to the surface. Additional black bags, along with scattered human bones, are found in the area.

Dexter returns to his apartment to find Debra in a state of excitement. She pulls him into the bedroom where a newscaster on TV is talking about an underwater graveyard. The man reports that thirty bags have been found so far, but around-the-clock salvage efforts are underway, Dexter stares at the television with his heart pounding. Debra thinks it’s “amazing!”

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