Tyler Barnes
Tyler Barnes
Character Profile
Portrayed By
Bubba Lewis
Season Seven
First Appearance
Swim Deep
Last Appearance
Swim Deep
Appears in
One Episode
Full Name
Tyler Barnes


Personal Status
Marital Status
Immediate Relatives
Phillip Barnes (father, deceased)
Patricia Barnes (mother)
Professional Status
Tyler Barnes is a character in Season Seven of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He is the son of Phillip Barnes, a missing wedding photographer.

Season Seven

After Captain Maria LaGuerta speculated that The Bay Harbor Butcher was still alive, she compiled a list of missing persons. To keep track of Maria’s investigation, Debra Morgan offered to help her with it. Debra showed the list of missing persons to Dexter Morgan, and he admitted to killing three of the men. One of them was Phillip Barnes.

To protect Dexter, Debra arranged to personally interview Phillip’s wife, Patricia. However, when Debra arrived at Patricia’s house, she was surprised to see Maria LaGuerta walking up to join her. This made Debra very nervous.

Tyler Barnes, Phillip’s son, answered the door. His mother had been called into work, but Tyler offered to help Debra and Maria. The three of them went inside and sat down in the living room. Tyler stated that the day his father didn’t come home was the best day of his life, because his father had been very abusive. With him gone, his mother had stopped crying, and he no longer had to look over his shoulder.

Tyler brought out a box of photos that his mother had printed out from the night that Phillip went missing from a wedding reception. Maria and Debra informed Tyler that his father may have been murdered, and the killer may be in the photos.

Debra quietly noticed that Dexter Morgan was in one of the photos. She suggested taking all the photos back to the station to thoroughly go through them, and Maria agreed. This gave Debra an opportunity to hide the photo. Later, Debra gave the photo to Dexter, who burned it.

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