Travis Apartment 2

Travis Marshall outside his apartment

Travis Marshall’s Apartment is a location in Season Six in Showtime’s series DEXTER.

The apartment is located on the second floor of a blue, two-story apartment building. It’s the residence of The Doomsday Killer.


1028 Vanderan Street - Apt. 3
Miami, FL 33015


Near Travis Marshall’s apartment building, Dexter Morgan sits in his car and waits for Travis to leave. As soon as Travis locks his door and drives away, Dexter climbs the stairs, picks the lock, and begins to search his apartment. Looking for evidence to link Travis to the Doomsday Tableaus, Dexter notices shelves of religion-related books with dark themes, and a large Bible on his desk.

Dexter flips through the Bible and discovers that its page numbers are identical to those found on the bodies of the murder victims. Furthermore, some page numbers are missing. Dexter cuts out one of the Bible’s pages with a knife, and takes it back to the lab. The hole in the page perfectly matches the numbered piece of paper found on a victim.

Now convinced that Travis is The Doomsday Killer, Dexter lies in wait in his car and wraps a garrote around his neck. Travis manages to convince Dexter that Professor James Gellar is the actual killer. After a few words of warning, Dexter sets Travis free, making him walk home.

Later, Dexter is again parked outside the apartment building. He plans to follow Travis who could unwittingly lead him to Gellar. As Travis approaches his car, he nervously checks the back seat.


  • It's said by Dexter that Travis Marshall's address is 1742 Victory Street, while on his driver's license it is 1028 Vanderan Street.

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