Transcorp Building 2

Transcorp Building

Transcorp Building is a location in Season Six of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It's an office tower with 23 floors, in northeast downtown Miami. Travis Marshall attempts to sacrifice Dexter Morgan’s son on its rooftop.


301 Biscayne Blvd
Miami, FL


The homicide team discuss Professor Gellar’s last sketch which shows the Two Witnesses and a small animal watching an eclipse from a mountaintop. Apparently, Travis believes the world will end during the upcoming eclipse -- four hours away. Since there are no mountains in Miami, he’ll likely substitute a skyscraper. Maria LaGuerta pledges to Debra Morgan all the manpower that’s needed to guard the rooftops of high buildings.

Dexter had found a drawing by Travis at a crime scene and he matches it to websites of skyscrapers. Since Travis told him that he would be “standing atop a shining pillar of light,” Dexter picks the Transcorp Building because it was designed to capture and reflect the sun.

While setting up the guard posts , the team speculates that the small animal in the drawing is a lamb and Travis may intend to sacrifice an innocent. Debra relays this info to Dexter who discovers that Travis has kidnapped Harrison from a pageant.

Meanwhile, Travis has taken Harrison to the top of the Transcorp Building and set up an altar. He kills a policeman on guard and prepares to sacrifice Harrison with the Sword of John the Revelator. In the nick of time, Dexter arrives to stop him. Travis is shocked to see Dexter alive since he left him for dead in The Lake of Fire. Dexter negotiates for Travis to release his son, promising to inject himself with M99. Travis falls for it, releases Harrison, and Dexter pretends to inject himself. However, once Harrison is safe, Dexter springs to life and easily overpowers Travis. He then (not shown) removes an unconscious Travis from the building.

When there is no answer from the officer on the Transcorp rooftop, Debra and the police hurry to the scene. She discovers the dead officer, and is in despair because Travis escaped. She’s surprised when LaGuerta comforts her.


  • Views from the rooftop actually show buildings in Long Beach, CA.
  • Debra orders unis on every building over 400-feet tall, but Transcorp is only 250-feet tall.

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