Towne House Motel

Towne House Motel

Towne House Motel is a location in Showtime’s series DEXTER.

Lumen Pierce stayed in this motel before she went into hiding.


17282 W. 7th Street

Miami, FL 33125

Season Five

While an unknown woman was held captive by Dexter Morgan, he discovered her identity - Lumen Pierce. He also learned that she had been staying at the Towne House Motel. Taking Harrison with him, Dexter went to the motel and pretended to be Lumen’s husband. In return for her left behind possessions, Dexter paid Lumen’s overdue bill with cash. Outside, he looked through a bag and found a letter from her family, begging her to come home.

Dexter broke into Lumen’s motel (room 110), and saw a wall covered with rape articles, news clippings, police case numbers, and a large map. Also found was the letter that Robert Brunner had written to Boyd Fowler. Dexter noticed that Lumen had been sleeping in her closet. He was concerned that her behavior was going to endanger both of them.

At another time, Dexter went to the motel looking for Lumen. the Hotel Clerk, who still thought that Lumen was Dexter’s wife, remarked that Lumen had inquired about Tuttle Bridge, and he immediately rushed off to find her.

To disguise herself before she went hunting her rapists, Lumen stood in front of a mirror in her hotel room while putting on eyelashes, lipstick, and a black wig.

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