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Tito's Bar

Tito’s Bar is a location in Season Four of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It's a lower-class bar which is frequented by Benito Gomez.


4745 W. 37th Ave.
Miami, FL


Former boxer Benito Gomez has beaten two people to death. Dexter is the blood specialist at his trial, but is so tired from looking after his infant son that he brings the wrong notes to trial. As a result, Benny walks free which infuriates Joey Quinn, the arresting officer. Dexter sees opportunity in the foul-up, since it gives him a chance to kill Benny himself. Dexter stalks Benny to Tito's Bar, and sits outside looking at Benny’s file with photos of his victims, while Benny is inside at the bar, drinking a beer. Dexter watches as Benny leaves the bar, walks to his truck, and drives away.

Later, after prepping a kill room at the now closed Del Rubio’s Boxing Arena, Dexter is once again sitting outside the bar in his car, waiting for Benny to come out, so he can kill him. But Dexter is so tired that he falls asleep in his car. He's awakened by a policeman with a flashlight, who assumes he's drunk. When the cop learns that Dexter works for the police department, he's lets him go with a warning. While he's being delayed by the cop, Benny exits the bar and takes off. Dexter eventually captures him at his trailer park, and kills him at the boxing arena.

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