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Timothy Brand:

Timothy Brand: Serial Killer of Models

Timothy Brand is a character in Season Four of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He is a photographer's assistant and a serial killer. He is first seen while accompanying Jonathan Farrow to the police station as he books photo shoots on his phone.


Brand's final victim was Estrella Carazo. Her arm was found after a man killed and cut open an alligator. Evidence showed that she was murdered before her body was discarded in the Everglades.

Initially, the murder was believed by many, including Dexter, to have been committed by Brand's boss, Jonathan Farrow, a fashion and S&M photographer. It was only after Dexter killed Farrow that Brand was arrested by Sergeant Angel Batista on solid surveillance and DNA evidence. This disturbed Dexter because he had broken the Code of Harry and killed an innocent man.

Because Farrow suddenly disappeared, it was suspected (except by Dexter), that Brand had killed Farrow. After his arrest, Brand was not seen again.


  • During discussion of Estrella's case, Dexter says the M.E. estimates that her arm was ingested less than 72 hours ago, and her time of death was less than 24 hours prior to that.


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