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The Swamp Bar Patron:

The Swamp Bar Patron: Long-haired Regular

The Swamp Bar Patron is a character in Season Two of Showtime's series DEXTER.

He is briefly seen in the The Swamp (tavern).


Dexter Morgan and Lila West take a trip to Naples, Florida, so that Dexter can confront Santos Jimenez, the man who killed his mother. He leaves Lila in a hotel room, and goes alone to The Swamp, a bar that Jimenez owns.

When Dexter enters the dimly lit tavern, the bar patron, along with several others, is seen sitting at the bar. Jimenez is serving up drinks and Dexter takes a seat. He orders a beer and spends his time staring at Jimenez. After closing time, Dexter severely beats up Jimenez, but doesn’t kill him at this time.

The Bar Patron has no speaking lines.

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  • The actor playing "The Swamp Bar Patron" is not credited, but he is referred to as the "Bar Patron."