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Dexter meets with Miguel S3E7

Dexter meets with Miguel

The Mirage Cafe is a location in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s a small Mediterranean restaurant with a bar where MIguel Prado apologizes to Dexter Morgan.


Miguel and Dexter had a falling-out because Miguel wanted to kill attorney Ellen Wolf and Dexter didn’t.


Miguel is standing in the cafe looking at his watch when Dexter walks through the door. Miguel directs Dexter's attention to the cafe's TV which is showing a news alert about killer Albert Chung.

Miguel: “Thanks for coming. You hear about Albert Chung?”
Dexter: “Who hasn't?”
Miguel: “You hear how they got him?”
Dexter: “No.”

They take seats at a tiny table.

Miguel: “He showed up at Ellen Wolf's office for a meeting. Cops got wind of it. Sent S.W.A.T. in. They did the whole shock-and-awe thing. Apparently Ellen Wolf was in on it. She helped get him into custody. You were right about her, Dex. I told you when we first met I usually don't take no for an answer.”
Dexter: “That's kind of a button with you, isn't it?”
Miguel: “It couldn't have been easy for you. But a good friend -- a real friend does the hard thing. I was out of control. Letting personal shit cloud up my thinking. You, you reigned me in. And, uh... well, friends fight, right?”
Dexter: “I guess so.”
Miguel: “They also apologize when they're wrong. I was wrong. I apologize.”
Dexter: [chuckling] “We're not gonna man-hug, are we?”
Miguel: [grinning] “How about a beer?”
Dexter: “Yeah, I'll get it.”
Dexter: [to bartender] “Two bottles.”

Am I really a good friend? Dexter wondered. Miguel thinks so. Rita. Camilla. I wouldn't know. I don't have a lot of experience in that area.

Miguel: [raising his bottle of beer] “To Ellen Wolf.”

Maybe with practice, Dexter thought.

Dexter: “Hey, you wanna be my best man?”

This pleasantly surprises Miguel. Dexter is convinced that Miguel has seen the light and remains his friend. However, that's what Miguel, a polished liar, wants him to think.

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  • In real life, this cafe is located in California, not Florida.