The Lindquists are characters in Dexter Early Cuts.

They were a father and son team of killers. They were responsible for a string of murders of prostitutes and their johns. They would kill their victims around the December holidays in correspondence with the day that Max's wife and Coleman's mother left the family.

Of interest, this is the only occurrence where Dexter combines the blood droplets into one slide. He claims that being unprepared for a second killer, he had only brought one with him. No other duos have received this treatment.


Max and Coleman lived happily with Mrs. Lindquist at 8008 Park Street. But Mrs. Lindquist left the family because of the way Max treated her and ran away with another man. They were so hurt by this betrayal that they formed a killing team to take their anger out on surrogates of the person they blame for the break-up of their family. In Coleman's case it was the prostitute symbolizing his mother while in Max's case it was the john symbolizing the other man.


  • Coleman Lindquist - The first member of the team to be identified based on the prostitute murder he committed that, when looked on a map, form a star.
  • Max Lindquist - The last member of the team to be identified based on the johns going missing at the scenes.


  • Fifteen unnamed prostitutes
  • Fourteen unnamed johns

Attempted Victims

  • Unnamed john


  • The Lindquists are the first chronological occurrence of Dexter facing a team of killers. Taking place in 2000, this precedes all other duos and groups.
  • Dexter choosing to take a blood slide from both conflicts with an earlier Early Cuts episode where Alex Timmons was the FIRST blood slide taken. The date listed for those events was 2003. However, according to the Showtime series he was killed in 1999 which would not conflict with blood slides taken for both of the Lindquists.
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