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The Lake of Fire by Dave Lebow

The Lake of Fire is a crime scene in Season Six of Showtime's series DEXTER.

The Lake of Fire was the seventh of the major Doomsday Tableaus, and the only one not displaying a victim.


The Crime

Attempted murder: Dexter Morgan was the intended victim of this tableau, but he escaped from a ring of fire in the ocean. After swimming all night, he was rescued by a boat carrying Cuban refugees. Miami Homicide never knew this, however, as they saw it only as the final Tableau.


After capturing Dexter, the killer took Dexter seven miles out to sea using his own boat. He tied Dexter's hands, put him in a lifeboat along with containers of gasoline, and set the water on fire. The flames spread out to the boat, causing a giant explosion, which led Travis to assume that Dexter was killed.


Dexter Morgan was chosen for antagonistic reasons as Travis Marshall's sixth Doomsday Victim. He knew that Dexter was hunting him, and Travis came to the conclusion that Dexter was the Beast that needed to be killed in this Tableau. Travis tried to convey the destruction of the devil in a hellish setting, which foreshadowed his greater plan to bring on the End of Days. Miami Metro Homicide discovered this plan through Gellar's notebook and by Detective Mike Anderson's understanding of the Book of Revelation.

Clues and Evidence

The clear evidence that it was a Doomsday Tableau was the ring of fire in the ocean. Nothing else was examined since Homicide did not go to the scene.

Attempted Victim

  • Dexter Morgan, a 40-year-old Caucasian man who had been playing a game of cat and mouse with the suspected killer. The killer took this as a sign that Dexter was the Beast that needed to be sacrificed in his next Tableau.

Suspect and Killer

Detectives and Forensics

No law enforcement officials were present at the crime scene because it took place in the Atlantic ocean, but the following people discussed the scene in relation to the other tableaus:


  • This was the first crime scene not visited by Miami Metro Homicide and was instead given a satellite image.
  • Dexter was likely only captured by Travis due the weakness he felt from breathing Wormwood earlier.

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