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The Gazebo Restaurant

The Gazebo Restaurant is a location in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s an octagonal, red-roofed gazebo, surrounded by tropical foliage.

During lunch, Rita Bennett persuades Dexter Morgan to look into the disappearance of Ernesto Rodriguez, the fiancé of Yelina.


Yelina, Rita’s co-worker at Z Hotel, is engaged to Ernesto who has paid a man to bring him from Cuba to the U.S. illegally. While at work, Rita notices Yelina crying because Ernesto still hasn’t arrived and she hasn’t heard from him for a week. She tells Rita that Ernesto is being held hostage until she pays a release fee, but she can’t afford it. Rita comforts Yelina, saying she will talk to Dexter, who works for the police, and he'll know what to do. Yelina is initially hesitant because the man had threatened her family in Cuba.

Rita and Dexter eat lunch at The Gazebo, a waterfront restaurant, but she has an ulterior motive. She tells him how awful she feels about Yelina and her missing fiance, who were going to marry after he arrived in Miami. Rita is grateful when Dexter says he’ll talk to someone he knows at the department who deals with immigration issues,

She asks Dexter if he can imagine not knowing if your fiance is dead or alive. Dexter, who has no idea what love feels like, does his best to fake a normal response. Rita tells him about Yelina going to the beach every night after work to stare at the water, willing Ernesto to walk out of it. She asks Dexter if he every longed for anything like that.

Dexter: (voice-over) “She wants something from me. Ever since the blow job, she assumes we’ve taken it to the next level. She doesn’t know yet -- I don’t have a next level.”

He tells Rita that when he was a kid, he would’ve killed for an Atari. He can tell by her reaction that she expected a different, more emotional response.

Dexter: (voice-over) “It always comes to this once sex is introduced. Small talk no longer cuts it. Eventually she’ll call me a science project and slam the door in my face."

Later, Dexter meets up with Officer Gerard at the station to ask about local human smuggling. Thereafter, Dexter uncovers the man responsible for Ernesto’s disappearance -- Jorge Castillo. Before long, Ernesto's corpse washes up on shore and a heartbroken Yelina identifies the body.

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