The Fountain victim

The Fountain Victim

The Fountain is location in Season One of Showtime's series DEXTER.

It is where police find the body of the second (technically, fourth) known victim of The Ice Truck Killer.


Dexter Morgan is at the nearby Crab Festival enjoying a date with his girlfriend, Rita Bennett. He notices the blockade set up by officers from the Miami Metro Police Department. Having curiosity take the best of him, he walks over to the scene to find Detective Angel Batista examining the body of the Fountain Victim.

The Crime

  • Murder - A prostitute is found dead, dumped at this location without her head.


Her blood was drained and she was dismembered.


The prostitute was chosen at random, but the killer intended it to be a message to Dexter Morgan.

Clues and Evidence

At the scene, the clear evidence is the body left sitting on the sidewalk, only without a head.


  • The victim in this crime is an unnamed prostitute.


  • The suspects in this crime are unclear; none are named until later in the investigation. The actual killer is Brian Moser, a 37-year-old Caucasian man who works as a Prosthetic Surgeon.

Detectives, Forensics, Agents on Scene

Additional Detectives who become involved in the connected cases:


  • The location itself (called The Pepper Fountain) is actually a part of a real life park in Miami, FL called the Bayfront Park. [1]

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