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The Dark Defender poster

The Dark Defender comic book cover

The Dark Defender is a comic book character in Season Two of Showtime's series DEXTER.

He is based on The Bay Harbor Butcher.

Season Two[]


When The Bay Harbor Butcher is revealed to the public as someone who kills other killers, Denny Foster plans to create a comic book series based on the Butcher, whom he renames as the Dark Defender. The comic book is never worked on since the writer, Denny Foster, gets beaten to death by a rival, Benjamin Alvaro, with a snow globe.

At the crime scene, Dexter Morgan notices the poster of the Dark Defender. Humorously, he thinks to himself that the amount of leather the Dark Defender is wearing would be uncomfortable due to the heat of Miami.

"I never really got the whole superhero thing. But, lately, it does seem we have a lot in common. Tragic beginnings. Secret identities. Part human, part mutant. Archenemies." ~Dexter, to himself

Dexter's Dream[]

When Dexter is at one of his Narcotics Anonymous meetings, he falls asleep while someone else is speaking. He dreams of the day his mother was murdered, although it is notably different that what actually happened. Laura Moser. The shipping container is not covered in blood, there are no dead bodies, and Brian Moser is nowhere to be found.

Before the men can kill Laura, the door to the container opens, revealing the Dark Defender, who then kills all three of the men with relative ease. The Dark Defender removes his hood, revealing himself to be Dexter. The child version of Dexter disappears from Laura's arms, causing her to realize that the person who had just saved her life was her son. Dexter tells her that she is safe, and helps her stand up.

Clapping is then heard, and Dexter awakens from his dream to find himself in a NA meeting, sitting next to Lila West.

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