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The Concorde Hotel

The Concorde Hotel is a location in Season Five of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It's an establishment near a marina where motivational seminars were held by Jordan Chase. In room 701, Lumen Pierce watched Dexter Morgan kill Cole Harmon.


Dexter is attending a seminar in the hotel as a cover for stalking Cole Harmon. Videos of wild animals fighting and hunting in their natural habitats are shown on a large screen. From a stage, Jordan gives an inspirational speech that centers around his philosophies on primal instinct. The zealous audience repeatedly shouts, "Take It!" Dexter thinks that he has never been surrounded by so many people who make him feel normal.

During a break, the attendees browse through merchandise while Dexter calls Lumen. She says that Cole was dishonorably discharged from the Marines for beating up a superior officer, and he was the one who left the marks on her back. Dexter hangs up when he sees Cole approaching him.

Cole informs Dexter that Jordan would like to speak with him. He takes Dexter to a posh hotel suite where Jordan warmly greets him. Cole stands guard near the door while Jordan talks to Dexter about his loss and the Trinity Killer. Dexter says little and remains wary. Soon Jordan has to prepare for a seminar so he asks Dexter if they can meet again to discuss how the primal self deals with tragedy. Jordan casually asks if there's any progress on Boyd Fowler and Dexter suggests that he talk to the detectives. Jordan gives Dexter a bag of his merchandise.

Back at the house, Dexter presents Lumen with a shopping list that includes duct tape, thirty yards of clear polyethylene sheeting, and three mil black garbage bags. He says to meet him at a parking lot the next day where he'll pick up the supplies. Lumen learns that Dexter has booked a room next to Cole's room in the hotel.

The next day, while Cole is at his post for a seminar, Dexter practices his game plan for capturing him. He picks the lock on the door to their adjoining rooms, counts the steps to Cole's bed, and silences a squeak on the door's hinge. Dexter is now ready to grab Cole later while he's asleep.

As Dexter is keeping his eye on Cole, Lumen calls. She's in the lobby, not at the parking lot. Together, they  take the supplies up to their room, and she tells Dexter about Owen and the car accident with Stan Liddy. To avoid Lumen running into Cole, Dexter advises her to stay in the room overnight. They cover everything in plastic and Dexter puts up pictures of the Barrel Girls. Lumen remarks, "Look at all this. If you didn't know me, you'd still be in this room. Boyd wasn't your first. You've been doing this a long time."

Dexter waits for Cole to fall asleep so that he can inject him with M99 and wrap him in plastic. Unfortunately, Cole spends the night having BDSM sex with a blonde woman. The sound of her screams terrifies Lumen, a rape victim. Dexter helps Lumen cover her ears until she falls asleep.

Since Dexter was unable to kill Cole during the night, he decides to grab Cole by the service elevator and sedate him. He cautions Lumen to wait until the seminar starts before she leaves.

As Dexter is about to leave the seminar, Jordan coaxes him up to the stage amid a cheering crowd. Dexter is pressed to relive the circumstances surrounding Rita's death. With difficulty, he opens up about how it affected him.

Meanwhile, Lumen stops in the lobby to watch Dexter and Jordan on a large screen. As she turns away, she bumps into Cole who instantly recognizes her. Panicked, Lumen runs back to her room with Cole in pursuit. She quickly texts Dexter, locks the door, and looks through the peephole, but doesn't see Cole.

Still onstage, Dexter receives an alarming text from Lumen and immediately heads to his room. Jordan continues with his seminar.

Cole breaks through the connecting door, captures Lumen and begins choking her. Suddenly, Dexter appears and subdues Cole with a sleeper hold.

When Cole wakes up, he’s wrapped in plastic, lying on a desk. Although Dexter threatens him with his knife, Cole refuses to reveal the names of the two unknown men. He just arrogantly mumbles, "Huey, Dewey, and Louie." Dexter forces Cole to look at the pictures of dead women in barrels, before he slices his cheek for a blood slide.

Lumen silently watches as Dexter stabs Cole in the heart. Dexter admits that he's done this many times before, tells her about his mother’s murder, and gives her the blood slide.

At the hotel entrance, Jordan is talking with his security guards about Cole, who is missing. He notices Dexter rolling a luggage rack to his car. Jordan walks over to him, remarks on the seminar, then taps his watch and says, "Act on what you've learned. Don't let it slip away. It's what I tell my clients. Tick tick tick. That's the sound of your life running out." My primal instincts were right, Dexter thought. Jordan's one of them.

Dexter loads the luggage containing Cole's dismembered body into his car.


  • "You said I'd done this before. That's true. This is who I am. When I was a child, my mother was murdered in front of me, and it... shattered me. I've done this ever since. Because for the longest time, it was the only way I could feel... unbroken. And then, Rita was killed and none of this made sense anymore. Until now." - Dexter to Lumen, after killing Cole
  • Miguel couldn't. My father couldn't. Can anyone live with the truth of what I am? Is Lumen what will make me whole? - Dexter to himself


  • Signs with the hotel’s name are seen on the patio, in the lobby, and at the valet station.
  • This is a real-life hotel called the Ritz-Carlton Marina Del Rey Hotel, and it’s located in California.
  • Dexter pressed Cole to reveal the names of Alex Tilden and Jordan Chase.

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