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The Bluewater Hotel

The Bluewater Hotel is a location in Season Four of the Showtime series DEXTER.

Upon his return to Miami, Frank Lundy rents a room in this hotel. Later, he is gunned down in its parking lot.


When Frank Lundy shows up in Miami and expresses an interest in one of Debra Morgan’s cases, she presumes he’s really back to rekindle their romance. She decides to clear things up and goes to Lundy’s hotel room. She informs him that her relationship with Anton is great, and she doesn’t want to mislead him. To Debra’s surprise, Lundy states that his purpose in coming to Miami is because he thinks Lisa Bell’s murder is connected to a series of murders all over the country. He shows her a map of murder locations and several crime photos. He tells her that finding the killer has been an “obsession” for years. Thoroughly embarrassed, Debra calls herself an “idiot” and quickly leaves his room.

Lundy and Debra sit at the hotel’s bar as he tells her the details about the Trinity Case. Just when their conversation is starting to get more personal, Debra gets a cell phone call from Anton which she awkwardly cuts short.

Finally accepting that she still loves Lundy, Debra goes to his hotel. When he answers his door, she kisses him and he kisses her back. He immediately lets her inside, closes the door, and they spend the night together. Early the next morning, both Lundy and Debra are shot down by an unseen person in the hotel's parking lot. Debra (wounded) watches Lundy die in front of her.

Dexter Morgan arrives at the crime scene without his ID and a police officer won’t let him pass through until Batista clears him. He’s relieved that Debra is alive and watches her being taken away in an ambulance. He learns that body under the yellow tarp is Lundy. Joey Quinn thinks the killer may be one of the Vacation Murderers because Deb and Lundy’s valuables were taken. While the cops are working in the parking lot, Dexter takes the opportunity to break into Lundy's hotel room and steal his research material on the Trinity Case. He looks out at the crime scene from Lundy’s window.

After Debra is released from the hospital, she calls Dexter to meet her in the hotel’s parking lot. He finds her standing alone, looking at the spot where Lundy died. There is no blood at the scene which feels strange to her. Shattered by grief, she breaks down and sobs in Dexter's arms.

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