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The Blue Room

The Blue Room is a location in Season Three of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s a bar where, at times, members of the Miami Metro Police Department have a few drinks after work.


Debra Morgan and Dexter Morgan have a tradition of toasting Harry Morgan on the anniversary of his birthday at The Blue Room. She arrives first and sits alone at the bar, drinking cranberry juice while she waits for Dexter to show up. In light of learning that Harry cheated on their mother, Dexter doesn’t go to the bar and stands Debra up. He feels that he is moving on from his father; however, he still needs his code, but thinks it has to evolve.

Angel Batista enters the bar and sits next to Debra. He orders a bottle of Cuervo Black (tequila), pours himself a drink and toasts the photo of Harry on the wall. Debra remarks that, by the time her father was her age, he already had his detective’s shield. Angel notifies her that, due to a loud remark she made earlier at the station, he's taking her off the Oscar Prado case, which makes Debra even more upset. She states that no one is getting in the way of her getting her shield, with Angel replying that only one person can do that -- Debra herself. She decides to switch her cranberry juice to alcohol and Angel pours her a drink from his bottle of tequila.

The next evening, Angel invites Debra, Robert Ramos, Joey Quinn, and Vince Masuka to The Blue Room to celebrate his promotion to Sergeant. Debra tells Angel that she’s going to have a Mojito - or ten. After Debra parks near the bar and exits her vehicle, she is confronted by Yuki Amado, the pushy Internal Affairs agent, who keeps goading her for information on Quinn in exchange for a detective’s shield. Debra blows Yuki off and heads to the bar.

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