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Holly Benson in St

St. Joseph's Hospital

St. Joseph's Hospital is a location in Season Six and Season Seven of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It is where Holly Benson was treated after she was released by Travis Marshall.

It is also where Debra Morgan was admitted after she was in a car accident.


Hialeah, FL (about eleven miles from Miami)

Season Six[]

Angel Batista and Debra Morgan interview Holly while she is a patient. She has a broken arm and many bruises. Although Holly provides many disturbing details about her ordeal (e.g., being forced to drink blood), she mistakenly believes two men were involved.

Season Seven[]

Deb is on her way to visit Arlene Schram, a possible witness to a murder by Hannah, when she blacks out at the wheel. She is rushed to the hospital and found to have sustained a broken wrist, along with having three times the normal dose of an anti-anxiety medicine in her system. Deb suspects that she was drugged by Hannah, but Dexter is doubtful. However, when he confirms that the water in Deb's bottle was 40% alprazolam, Dexter realizes that Hannah was responsible for Deb's accident.

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