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Smith is a character in Season Two of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He or she is one of the many characters killed by Dexter Morgan and, according to Frank Lundy, one of the Bay Harbor Butcher 18.


Sergeant James Doakes has been suspended for attacking Dexter at work. However, since it’s believed that the Bay Harbor Butcher is someone who has worked or is working at Miami Metro, Doakes is called in to be questioned about his case files.

Wearing a suit jacket, Doakes arrives at the homicide department and speaks to Lt. Maria LaGuerta for a few minutes. Then he enters Special Agent Frank Lundy’s office and stands before his desk.

Lundy: “Sergeant Doakes. I appreciate your time.”
Doakes: “Can we get this over with, sir?”
Lundy: “Okay. It's interesting that of the eighteen victims, nine passed through this very station, and you worked on cases involving four of them. And you were unable to obtain a single conviction. The Smith Case thrown out because of inadmissible evidence. Orozco skipped bail, never to be seen again. The Rodrigo Case -- lost due to bad blood work.”
Doakes: (surprised) “Excuse me?”
Lundy: “Oh, you weren't aware of that?”
Doakes: (suddenly smiling) “The D. A. didn't get a conviction. That's all I know. Are we through here, sir?”
Lundy: “No, actually. We're just getting --”
Doakes: “We're done.”

With a look of determination, Doakes strides out of Lundy’s office.

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