Shady Lane Motel 1

Shady Lane Motel

Shady Lane Motel is a location in Season Six of Showtime’s series DEXTER.

Dexter Morgan stays overnight in this motel during his trip to Nebraska to hunt down Jonah Mitchell.


The motel borders on a corn field in which Dexter discovers that marijuana is being grown. Norm, the motel owner, is the one growing the pot and he seems suspicious of Dexter from the start. When Dexter mentions that he has a flat tire, Norm offers to fix it for him for only twenty dollars. He soon finds Dexter's Kill Tools in the trunk, and steals them.

Dexter discovers that his knives are missing and confronts Norm in the motel’s shed. Norm tries to blackmail Dexter into paying him $10,000 to get his knives back. Dexter refuses and makes a mocking remark. When Norm pulls a gun (that he also found in the trunk), Dexter impales him with a pitchfork. Unable to dispose of the body in his usual manner, Dexter drops Norm’s corpse into a nearby silo full of grain.

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