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Sexy Woman:

Sexy Woman: Dancing Divorcee

Sexy Woman is a character in Season One of the Showtime series DEXTER.   

She meets Angel Batista in a nightclub, but she loses interest when he leaves her during a dance to question Monique.   


Angel, now single, is determined to find a new love interest. Dressed in a suit jacket, he goes alone to a dimly lit nightclub, and removes his wedding ring. As he looks around the club, Angel notices a sexy woman standing alone and approaches her.

Angel: “Care to dance?"
Sexy Woman: [referring to the music] “You dance to this?”
Angel: “A bit.”
Sexy Woman: “What about your wife? Tan line on your ring finger.”
Angel: “Well, um... I'm not gonna talk about that tonight.”
Sexy Woman: ‘Divorced? I get it. Mine was just finalized. Let's go.” 

The woman takes his hand and leads him to the dance floor. They are thoroughly enjoying themselves when Angel suddenly notices another woman wearing a prosthetic hand with multi-colored fingernails. Angel stops dancing, and asks the sexy woman to excuse him. He walks over to Monique (the woman with the prosthetic arm), says that he’s police and needs to talk to her. He asks why she paints her nails using different colors. After a few minutes, when Angel looks back to the sexy woman, she is gone.

Monique (a hooker) tells Angel about a “client” that she met in Calle Ocho a year ago.

Monique: “He started getting all rough with me until he saw this. Then he changed his tune, got all turned on. Told me to take my fake hand off. He started doing some kinky, weird stuff, like he was worshipping it. To cap it off, he takes all my nail polish and paints each nail a different color. I liked it, so I kept doing it.”


  • Vince Masuka had previously brought Angel to this club so that he could meet women. However, they lost interest in Angel because he kept talking about his ex-wife and their divorce.

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