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Seward Memorial Hospital

Seward Memorial Hospital is a location in Season Seven of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s where deputies took Hannah McKay when she had a seizure while being transported to jail.


Hannah has been arrested for poisoning Sal Price and Dexter visits her in jail. She asks him to get rid of the only evidence against her, which is Sal’s pen. However, he refuses because of his concerns for Deb’s safety. After Dexter leaves, Hannah calls Arlene Schram to enlist her help.

At her arraignment, Hannah is charged with first degree murder and denied bail. As the bailiff escorts her out, Arlene secretly slips something to Hannah as the two embrace. Hannah quickly swallows it, as she pretends to cry.

While two deputies are transporting Hannah back to jail, she suddenly has a severe seizure caused by whatever Arlene gave her. A deputy calls in the emergency and they rush Hannah to Seward Memorial Hospital.

Upon arrival, two ER nurses quickly take over. They attach tubing and monitors to Hannah and order a MRI with contrast. A deputy orders Hannah’s next of kin to be notified.

Soon, the deputies are informed that Hannah is still unconscious, but the seizures have stopped and she has stabilized. The nurse says they’re waiting for a doctor.

There's another emergency and the nurse is called away, leaving Hannah unattended. The drug wears off and she escapes from the hospital.

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