Seven Seas Motel

Seven Seas Motel is a location in Season One of Showtime's series DEXTER.

It is the first crime scene shown in the series and the location where the Ice Truck Killer's first Miami victim is dropped. It is actually the third [1] known victim of the Ice Truck Killer.


The two-story motel is in a part of town that seems to house all sorts of life (including prostitutes). It has a pink exterior with an outside complex that includes a pool of its own.


Vice Undercover Officer Debra Morgan is assigned to this location as it is known to be a prime location for hookers. She has a room given to her in order to bust Johns, as well as various other criminals.

The body of the Pool Victim is found here, the first one that Dexter Morgan views. The pool itself was drained out and the body parts were left neatly, most of them wrapped. The crime scene itself contains no trace evidence leading to a killer. However, due to two previous bodies previously found in Broward County, there is the theory that it is the work of a serial killer.

Dexter Morgan is called to the crime scene by Debra Morgan. One of his co-workers, Vince Masuka is surprised to see Dexter there as there is no blood. This intrigues Dexter. Having curiosity take the best of him, he agrees to help his adoptive sister, Officer Debra Morgan, find a way to get on the task force and catch this killer.

The Crime

  • Murder. A prostitute is found dead dumped at this location.


The Ice Truck Killer, as he is known as later on, kidnapped the prostitute, hung her upside down, and severed her arteries. He then drained the body of all its blood and cut her into pieces. He left the body parts in a local pool for police to find.


The prostitute was chosen at random to be Brian Moser's third victim.

Clues and Evidence

At the scene, the clear evidence is the body left in the pool.


  • The victim in this crime was an unnamed prostitute.


  • None are named until later in the investigation. The actual killer is Brian Moser, a 37-year-old Caucasian man who works as a Prosthetic Surgeon.

Detectives, Forensics, Agents on Scene

The following law enforcement officials are present on scene, along with forensics:

Additional Detectives who become involved in the connected cases:

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