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Sergeant Logan

Sergeant Logan Officer and Coach

Sergeant Logan is a character in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood.

He was a sergeant for the Iron Lake Police Department and the assistant wrestling coach for Iron Lake High School. Having experienced tragedy at a young age, Logan prides himself on stepping up for those in need – making him one of the good guys, both for the kids he coaches and the town he serves and protects. 


Dexter (as Jim) walks over to the police department to see Angela, but she’s in a meeting. While he waits, Sergeant Logan arrives carrying a stack of pies. He calls out to Dexter, “Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim, can you give me a hand with these? Evidence from the Congregational church theft. Keeping Iron Lake safe one pie at a time.”

Esther asks, “Logan, you've known Matt since forever. What do you think he could have done to flag the FBI on a gun background check?”  Logan replies, “Matt Caldwell is a good guy. Kicking some major ass on Wall Street. I mean, he likes to hang, drink, gamble. Fight or two in high school. But, no, yeah, he's a good guy.”

Esther points to the boat crash in Ohio where five people died. Defending Matt, Logan says, “No. No way. Matt wasn't even driving. Matt was in the hospital for weeks. Shattered femur, major surgery. That whole thing was just a really tragic accident. In fact, I bet his record is spotless.” However, when Logan checks Matt’s record, he admits, “Okay, maybe a few spots.”

After Matt Caldwell goes missing, the police set up a base camp outside Dexter’s cabin. Teddy assures Dexter, “Don't worry, Jimmy. Dude probably got wasted and skipped the hunt. We'll get a call he's sleeping it off in some motel and be out of here by lunch. Sergeant Logan, though, remarks, “Or he could be out there, freezing to death.” Dexter lets the team set up by the firepit so the searchers can stay warm.

Logan instructs the group to quickly unload the tables and set up the tents. When Angela gives additional instructions, Logan tells her that she didn't include any Seneca land in the search area. Explaining why, Angela says,, “The last thing we need is a bunch of townsfolk trampling reservation land. I asked Abraham Brown to organize the search on their side. They're already in the woods.”

Dexter manages to plant Matt's glove near a highway, and Fred Jr. discovers it. Excited, he runs back to the officers, shouting, "Oh, my God! I just found this about a mile down the trail, right before I got to the…" Angela interjects with "highway." Dexter thinks, Thank you, Fred Jr. You magnificent outdoorsman. Teddy states, “Told you. Chickenshit cut and ran.” Logan asks Teddy how long he’s been a cop and Teddy admits, “Two weeks... and a half.” Logan suggests that it may not be Matt's glove, but. Fred Jr. confirms that Matt had gloves exactly like that when he was in the store.

The dead deer is brought back to Gig’s to be examined, with a brief stop at Dexter’s cabin. Zach notices Logan and calls out,  “Yo, Coach!” Logan answers, “Yo, Zach. Scott. What's up?”

As Dexter watches Gig cut open the deer and remove its entrails, he exhales sharply. Sergeant Logan assumes that the procedure disturbs Dexter and says, “A lot of folks get queasy at the sight of blood.” Dexter replies, “Yeah, it gets to me every time.”

After dark, the search is called off, but Kurt Caldwell arrives and persuades Angela to continue through the night. Addressing the searchers, Logan says, “We're going back in. Stay in your groups and bundle up. It's gonna be a long, cold night.”

Dexter needs to drive Harrison to school and finds him flying a drone with Sergeant Logan. Harrison asks, "Five more minutes? This drone is so cool." Dexter reminds him that they are meeting with the school principal, as it’s his first day. Harrison thanks Logan, who asks if he wants to wrestle, explaining that he’s the assistant coach of the high school team. Harrison agrees to think about it. Logan says it's a great sport that teaches personal growth, confidence, and mental toughness. As they’re leaving, Harrison asks Dexter if he thinks they found the body. [At this point, it’s not confirmed that Matt is dead.]

At the police station, Sam from Reservation Land Management presents heat signature footage to Angela, Kurt Caldwell, Logan, Teddy, and Jim (Dexter). It shows Matt and an unknown person in the woods on the day the deer was killed. Kurt argues that it gets them no closer to finding his missing son. Logan promises Kurt that they will find the mystery guy. Angela asks Logan to interview everyone who had contact with Matt Caldwell in the last 48 hours.

The next morning, Logan informs "Jim" that the DNA test results confirm that it was Matt"s blood at the crime scene. Of course, Dexter is not surprised. Logan needs to ask him a few questions and Dexter agrees to  stop by the station during lunch.

Harrison signs up for wrestling and Logan tells him that "real men are made on the mat."

At the station, Logan asks "Jim" about his recent interactions with Matt. Dexter admits to three, at Fred's Fish & Game, Iron Lake Tavern, and Matt's party. Logan already knows about them and Dexter remarks that he's done his homework. Logan states that it's his job and asks if any of the exchanges were heated. [Flashback of Dexter stabbing Matt] Dexter answers, "Nah, they were pleasant enough." Logan tells Dexter that folks have seen him hunting in the area where Matt went missing, but he doesn't have a hunting license. Dexter explains that he was hiking, not hunting, and he only carries a gun for protection.

Logan shows Dexter the heat signature footage and asks if he can identify the gun the mystery man is carrying. Dexter says he thinks that it's a Remington 700 and there are over a hundred of them in this town alone. Logan asks, "Were you hunting… [chuckles] I'm sorry, hiking, in the woods the day Matt disappeared?" Dexter claims that he was at home alone until he went to work. Logan asks if the interview was painless and Dexter jokes, "Didn’t feel a thing." They both laugh.

Kurt Caldwell enters the police station after reporting that his son is alive. Logan hugs him, stating, "You know, I knew Matty would be all right, he always is, but I got to tell you, he had me worried this time." Kurt replies, "Yeah. Me, too. Me, too."

As Angela is interviewing Kurt in her office, she sees Logan and Molly Park, a podcaster, apparently arguing through her window. When Kurt leaves, Logan apologizes to Angela and says that he told Molly it was inappropriate for her to visit him at the station. Angela looks puzzled and Molly explains that she slept with Logan, who was "amazing." She then barrages Angela with questions about the case - claiming that it's odd that Matt is supposedly okay but no one can make contact with him. Molly admits that she tried to call him several times. Angela orders her to leave or be arrested for interfering with an investigation. On her way out, Molly tells Logan to call her when he's off work. Angela orders Logan to run Matt's credit cards.

Ethan Williams and Harrison are involved in a stabbing incident at school. Harrison claims that Ethan was planning a school shooting and stabbed him first. Angel tells Logan to search Ethan's backpack and he discovers violent graphic drawings and a kill list. Immediately. Angela and Logan leave for Ethan's house to check on his parents and look for weapons or explosives there.

The students on Ethan's kill list gather in the auditorium and Principal Strode invites Sergeant Logan to the podium to address them. "What's up, Coach?" Zach yells as the other kids hoot. Logan tells them to settle down and says he's proud of how they handled themselves, adding that counseling is being offered. Zach gives a shout-out to Harrison for "saving all their asses" and Logan tells Harrison they 're grateful he is part of their community. Harrison gives a speech and calls out the bullies for picking on Ethan for years.

Sergeant Logan walks in to let Angela know that Matt’s credit card statements show he was at a hotel in New York the last three nights. Molly Park, who has been sleeping with Logan, tells him that she met someone new online.

Later, Logan gets a call that Harrison OD'ed at a party. He administers Narcan to Harrison and repeats, "Stay with me." Harrison slowly opens his eyes and regains consciousness. Logan asks Harrison a few questions to assess his awareness. Logan finds out what Harrison took by asking Scott who gave him the pill, threatening to cuff him.

At the hospital, Logan advises Dexter that Harrison needs some "tough love," Dexter retorts, "You think being the assistant wrestling coach makes you a parenting expert? You have no fucking idea."

Logan later arrests Miles O'Flynn, the drug dealer. Logan interrogates Miles and tells him that eighteen people have died from ODs in town, presumably from pills that Miles sold. He threatens Miles for information and Miles reveals that a person named Jasper Hodge makes the pills.

A police team raids Jasper's house and finds him sitting in a chair. The lead officer shouts, "Hands up! Hands up! Let me see your hands up! All the way up!" When Jasper doesn't react, Logan feels his carotid pulse, confirms that he's dead, and mutters, "Goddamn it." They are unaware that Dexter forced Jasper to overdose.

Angela brainstorms with Logan about what could’ve happened to Matt Caldwell and why Kurt was lying. Logan defends Kurt, claiming he’s known him his whole life and he’s a good person. Angela theorizes that Kurt doesn’t want them to find something in the Clarke Caves, where they were going to search for Matt’s body the day after he told the police that Matt was alive. Angela asks Teddy to join her at the caves tomorrow because Logan has the big wrestling match to coach instead.

Jim (Dexter) calls Logan to grab a drink for advice on how to patch things up with Angela. Logan advises him to schedule a trust chat. Logan admits that he and Molly broke up. He tells Jim that Molly and Angela have been meeting in private, working on something.

Angela and Logan walk in to the diner and arrest Kurt for the murder of Iris. Later, after Kurt is released, Logan tells Kurt that they could’ve cleared him earlier if he came forward with this information years ago.



At the ruins of Dexter's cabin, Logan greets Harrison and presents him with a new sports jacket, alongside Scott, Zach, and Audrey.

Preparing a family dinner, Angela asks Audrey and Harrison to get an ingredient from the store. After they leave, she draws her handgun on Dexter, who initially thinks she is joking until Logan appears with his weapon drawn as well. The two bring him in to the station, capture his mugshots, and begin to question him. As Angela interrogates Dexter, Logan watches from a screen. When Angela lashes out at the mention of Iris, Logan enters the room and warns her to keep the interview calm for the sake of the court proceedings. After receiving information from Dexter about Kurt's bunker, she leaves to investigate and Logan brings Dexter to a cell. Later, Logan brings Dexter a tuna fish sandwich and chips.

In his cell, Dexter realizes that he needs to find Harrison and escape from Iron Lake. He calls for Logan and asks for a bottle of water. Logan approaches the cell and, as Dexter takes the bottle, he slams Logan against the cell several times and turns him around, putting him in a chokehold and pleading that he gives him the keys so he doesn't have to hurt him further. Logan retorts, "Angela was right about you" and slowly reaches for the keys, though, as his hand shifts to his holster, Dexter warns him not to do it. Logan draws his weapon and tries firing backwards at Dexter, who snaps his neck. He takes Logan's keys and unlocks the cell. Dexter calls Harrison through Logan's phone and sets up a rendezvous point at the white deer crime scene.

Later, when Dexter finds Harrison, Harrison asks whose blood is on Dexter. Remembering the fact that Dexter called him on Logan's phone, Harrison realizes that he had killed him, and lashes out on his father, accusing him of not caring about justice from how nonchalantly he had killed Logan. Despite Logan having been innocent, Dexter tried to justify the murder, using the fact that the first rule of the Code is to not get caught. However, Harrison doesn't accept this, and when he holds his father at gunpoint and demands that he 'open his eyes and look at what you've done', the very first face that Dexter reflects on is Logan's.

Later, as Harrison is leaving Iron Lake, he watches Logan's body being carried out on a stretcher at the police station.

Attempted Lawful Kill[]


  • Logan is Dexter's final victim of the series. He is also the final innocent person that Dexter kills.
  • Though it appeared deliberate, it almost appears that Dexter didn't mean to kill Logan: he had jerked back when Logan attempted to shoot him, increasing the pressure around Logan's neck and inadvertently snapping his neck. Despite this, he still showed little regret, internally blaming Logan for making him do it.

Fan Controversy[]

Don't Get Caught - Does the first rule of the Code justify Dexter killing Logan? It's debatable whether Dexter was actually "caught" since the evidence for killing Matt or being the Butcher was flimsy or erroneous. However, it could be proved that he killed Logan which broke the Code in that he could be caught for that.

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