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Security Guard Benson:

Security Guard Benson: Unwitting Watchman

Security Guard Benson is a character in Season Four of the Showtime series DEXTER.

He gives Arthur Mitchell, aka The Trinity Killer, a tour of his workplace.


Arthur researches 100 Oceangate, the office building in which he plans to bludgeon a father of two to death.

Pretending to be a potential tenant, Arthur meets with Oceangate’s security guard who shows him around the building.

Arthur: “I appreciate the person tour.”
Guard: “Any time I can do rounds with a fellow being is a win.”
Arthur: “You’re alone every night?”
Guard: “Yeah, economy’s a bitch. There used to be two of us on every shift, but now --”
Arthur: “Oh, say no more. I’m recently laid off myself. From here on out I’m gonna be my own boss.”
Guard: “Well, there’s plenty of office space here. You know, more tenants means more money. Then maybe I won’t have to do these double shifts and I can see my kids once in a while. Oh, you end up setting up shop here, I guarantee this will be your favorite destination come lunch time.”

The guard introduces Arthur to Earl Doorman, who runs a sandwich shop.

Earl: “Right on schedule and you brought me a customer.”
Guard: “A future renter.”
Arthur: “Well, possible future renter.”
Earl: “Can I get you any?”(to Arthur as he pours coffee for the guard)
Arthur: “No, no. Caffeine makes me a different person. Appreciate the offer, though.”

The guard and Arthur resume their walk-through.

Arthur: “So you say you walk through this whole place every two hours? That’s quite a workout.”
Guard: “My wife calls it low-impact aerobics or some shit like that. It takes about 45 minutes, give or take a smoke break.”
Arthur: “Well, we all have our vices.”
Guard: “So, how’d you like the building?”
Arthur: “It’s perfect.”
Guard: “Great.”
Arthur: “Thanks a lot.”

Having learned the security guard’s schedule and how long it takes for him to complete his rounds, Arthur boards the elevator. Immediately, he stops smiling.

After dark, Arthur returns to the building with murder on his mind. Meanwhile, Frank Lundy's recordings lead Dexter Morgan there on the same night.

Dexter notices a photo of the security guard with two children, which makes him appear to be Arthur’s target. However, Dexter discovers that the security guard is alive and well. To divert the guard, Dexter pushes the elevator button for the twelve floor and the guard goes off to investigate who is in the building. While he’s gone, Dexter locates the security monitors and views Arthur bludgeoning Earl Doorman with a hammer.

Dexter races up the stairs but Arthur escapes and takes off in his van. Dexter follows him and is astonished to discover that he has a family.


  • The name Benson is seen on the guard's name tag.

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