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Dexter season 7
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Isaak Sirko

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Koshka Brotherhood
.Louis Greene
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Hector Estrada
Air Dates
Premiere: 30 September 2012
Finale: 16 December 2012
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Guest Star(s)
Ray Stevenson

Yvonne Strahovski

The seventh season of the Showtime series DEXTER premiered 30 September 2012. Following the success of Season Six, seasons Seven and Eight were ordered to conclude the series.


This season picks up where Season Six ended, with Dexter's adoptive sister, Debra Morgan, witnessing him murder Travis Marshall. Dexter and Debra stare at each other with a body on the table. He uses his acting skills to convince her that it was self-defense, and she becomes an accessory by helping him cover up the crime. Dexter decides not to honor the first rule of The Code of Harry - "Don't Get Caught."

Isaak Sirko, a Ukrainian mob boss, arrives in Miami following the disappearance of a close friend, who had killed Detective Mike Anderson. He begins hunting down Dexter after discovering that Dexter murdered his friend.

Debra soon learns the truth about Dexter. As a detective, Debra is sworn to uphold the law and she is conflicted about turning him in, but her love for him prevails. Logically, she somewhat accepts Dexter's dark side, while still feeling emotionally uncomfortable. With Debra in the loop, they become somewhat of a team-- lieutenant and vigilante killer -- until she can't deal with it, anymore

Dexter targets Hannah McKay, a former accomplice to a killing spree by an incarcerated serial killer. Dexter believes she is still active as an independent killer. Although he originally has a plan to kill her, they instead develop a close relationship.

Meanwhile, after finding a blood slide at Travis Marshall's crime scene, Maria LaGuerta searches for the true Bay Harbor Butcher. She becomes obsessed with the idea that it is Dexter Morgan.

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Lead-ins to Season Seven

Deb Learns the Truth


"Oh God..."..Deb finally sees the real Dexter

In perhaps the most long awaited moment in the series, Debra finds out the truth about Dexter. With her intent on telling Dexter that she's actually fallen in love with him, she arranges a meet under false pretenses at the Santa Maria de Laredo Church which Travis Marshall used as a hideout. She believes Dexter is there to do a final forensics sweep under her request, so she arrives later that night to talk with him about her feelings.

That same night, Dexter brings Travis to the church to end his life. As Debra walks into the doorway, she watches her brother lift up a knife in a ritualistic fashion before driving it into Travis's chest. She gasps and breathes heavily for a moment, and Dexter spots her immediately. They look each other in the eyes and he says "Oh God..." Season Six ends at this moment.

Louis Greene, Intern

Louis is introduced midway through Season Six. He joins forensics after a former intern named Ryan Chambers was fired stealing evidence (Prosthetic Hand) from the Ice Truck Killer Case and selling it online to an "unknown buyer." Louis, her replacement, is revealed to be the one who purchased the hand.

Louis has an unusual interest (a near obsession) in Dexter Morgan. He shows Dexter a video game that he created named Homicidal Tendencies which allows the player to be a serial killer. During this presentation, Louis put emphasis on the ability to play as The Bay Harbor Butcher which Dexter reacts to by saying it is "offensive."

When Dexter rejects the idea of his game, Louis is deeply disappointed and claims that he is finished with games and would rather do something in the "real world." However, Louis harbors anger and is shown writing several symbols from a palm chart onto the stolen Prosthetic Hand, after which he anonymously mails it to Dexter.

Dexter and His Son

  • Season Three marks the pregnancy for Rita Bennett, which will officially make Dexter Morgan a father. Throughout the season, he questions himself whether he is capable of being a father, and his son's future. He wonders if he will pass his darkness on to the child? Eventually, Dexter realizes that he does want his son after he faces the possibility of death. He wants to to be there for his son as he grows up.
  • Season Four introduces us to the baby, named Harrison Morgan (the name of Dexter's adoptive father, Harry Morgan). Dexter begins to struggle with being a serial killer, a husband, and a father all at the same time. Most of his interactions with Harrison are tender and Dexter is seen as a regular guy caring for a little baby. That is, until his wife, Rita Morgan, is murdered by Arthur Mitchell, and Harrison is found sitting in a pool of his mother's blood. Dexter is shocked, realizing that his son is now like him (due to his own mother, Laura Moser, being killed in front of him). He scoops up Harrison and remains silent...having lost the only woman he may have ever loved.
  • Season Five picks up where the last left off and shows Dexter losing much more than Rita. Astor Bennett and Cody Bennett, Rita's children and his stepchildren, move to Orlando with their grandparents and Dexter is left alone to care for his son, with the help of a nanny. His general fear early on is that Harrison may develop a dark passenger like he did but this fear eventually leaves him. Dexter is seen as a caring father, someone who loves his son at this point, although before he attended Rita's funeral, he almost abandoned him.
  • Season Six expands upon Dexter's fatherhood. Dexter wants to pass the right things onto his son and is shown playing with him, laughing and smiling. A new nanny appears to assist him. Dexter sees Harrison through two life threatening situations -- one a medical issue with his appendix and then when a crazed religious fanatic, Travis Marshall, threatens to use him as a sacrifice. Any doubt that Dexter could feel emotions is erased when it comes to Harrison. If there ever was a light in Dexter's's Harrison.
  • Season Seven continues with Dexter caring for his son, but now with Debra's realization that Dexter is a killer.

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  • This is the first season in which none of the main antagonists are killed by Dexter, since Isaak Sirko is killed by George Novikov and LaGuerta is killed by Debra.
  • This is the second season where one of the main antagonists is a group or an organization.
  • This is the second season where a female character is one of the main antagonists.
  • In this season, Dexter kills six victims, tying it with Season Five. Although this season didn't have the least amount of kills (being beaten out by Season Four, which only had five), it did have the second least amount of kill rituals performed successfully (four, beaten out by Season Five with only two), and least amount of blood slides taken (none, since Dexter stopped taking trophies.)
  • The song featured in the Season 7 trailer is Change (In the House of Flies) performed by Deftones.
  • (Executive Producer Sara Colleton stated that Louis Greene was a "ticking time bomb" and would play an important part in the story line. However, in Season Seven, Louis meets his end.



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