Season Eight
Big Bad
The Brain Surgeon
Jacob Elway
Little Bad(s)
A.J. Yates
Max Clayton
Javier Guzman
Air Dates
Premiere: 30 June 2013
Finale: 22 September 2013
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Guest Star(s)
Charlotte Rampling
Sean Patrick Flanery

Season Eight (or as it's also known, DEXTER: The Final Season) is the last season of the Showtime series DEXTER. The season is tied directly to Season Seven, with each season covering a part of one large arc.

Season Eight premiered on 30 June 2013, which is the first season to do so as all other seasons aired in the Fall (starting primarily in September or October). It consisted of Twelve Episodes, the same as the previous seasons. The DVD and Blu-ray disc release date for Region 1 was scheduled for 12 November, 2013.

Showtime stated that this was the Final Season and it closed out the series.


In this season, Dexter meets neuropsychiatrist and psychopath-expert, Dr. Evelyn Vogel, who reveals to Dexter that she helped guide Harry towards creating "the Code" that Dexter operates under. Vogel feels threatened by a new serial killer in Miami ("The Brain Surgeon"), who has begun killing people and leaving a fragment of their brain (the anterior insular cortex) on her doorstep. She confides in Dexter, hoping that he will use his skills to hunt the killer down for her. Meanwhile, Debra has become a guilt-ridden mess since murdering LaGuerta. She demands that Dexter leave her alone and stay out of her life, as he is the one that she blames for her action. Slowly but surely, however, Dexter and Debra manage to reconcile with the help of Dr. Vogel. But not all is well when "The Brain Surgeon" begins to imperil Dexter's potential future with a visitor from the past.


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The Plot

Six months after LaGuerta's death, Dexter feels no regret, as her death solved all of his problems and allowed him to continue enjoying his life (i.e. coaching Harrison's soccer team, bringing together the Miami Metro Bowling team, and killing people). However, Debra is an absolute mess, after she abruptly quit her Lieutenant's job at Miami Metro to work as a private investigator for Jacob Elway. To assuage her guilty feelings, she drinks heavily and takes various drugs. At this point in her life, she feels nothing but hatred for Dexter, as he was the reason why she
2013-09-01 1916

The department (including Dexter) attending LaGuerta's memorial.

compromised everything she believed in and killed an innocent woman (LaGuerta).

To ignore her miserable life and abhorrent deed, Debra is sleeping with a criminal named Andrew Briggs. Briggs is in the possession of $500,000 worth of stolen jewelry that he arranges to sell to a supposed fence going under the alias of 'El Sapo'. While searching for a missing Debra, Dexter finds out that 'El Sapo' is actually a hit man and his real name is Javier Guzman. He figures out that Guzman intends to kill Briggs and take the jewels for himself. Dexter tries to rescue Debra before she becomes Guzman's collateral damage. However, Debra is deeply enraged the moment she sees Dexter outside the door of the Pink Motel where she and Briggs are staying, and orders him to go away. Hearing them argue, Briggs opens the door and steps outside. Dexter is simply fed up with everything and tries to forcibly take Debra with him, but Briggs shoves him away from her. Dexter, deeply infuriated, pushes Briggs through the door, punches him in the face, and stabs him in the heart as Debra watches in horror. Debra calls the police and tells Dexter to leave, which he quickly does. While waiting for the police to arrive, Debra goes through Briggs' pockets and finds the key to his storage locker. Outside, Guzman is watching and now knows that Briggs is dead and his only way of retrieving the jewels is through Debra.

Meanwhile, a new serial killer (The Brain Surgeon) who is very skilled and highly intelligent makes his way into Miami.

The victim's brain is cut open with a portion missing.

This killer held a victim captive for days before killing him with a pistol at close-range. He then sawed into his head, cut off a large chunk of his skull, and scooped out a piece of the brain (the anterior insular cortex; the portion that processes empathy). He then dumped the body with the sawed-out head attached, along with the murder weapon, in a public area but left behind no other evidence. Unexpectedly, a well-reputed neuropsychiatrist and author on psychopaths, Dr. Evelyn Vogel, offers her assistance to the police. Dexter is instantly wary of her presence and feels that she may be there because of him. Vogel seeks to hear Dexter's thoughts about the current case. But then she proceeds to ask him about the Bay Harbor Butcher (who she refers to as James Doakes). Dexter's description of Doakes as a short-fused, bad-tempered, and angry individual conflicts with Vogel's understanding of a true psychopath (i.e., someone who is devoid of emotional connection). Dexter is disturbed by Vogel's questions and becomes even more suspicious of her. At the end of the episode, Vogel
2013-09-09 1556

Evelyn introduces herself to Dexter, explaining how the killer left her a specific portion of the brain.

She gives Dexter a few of his gruesome childhood drawings, which baffle him, and he demands that she explain herself. Vogel simply tells him that he cannot kill her - because she does not fit Harry's Code.

exter finds out that Vogel is in fact, the one who guided Harry towards teaching Dexter to channel his murderous urges on people who deserved it. She created the Code and, in a sense, created Dexter. He does not look too kindly upon her, most likely because he hates his urges at their stage, because of the effect they've had on Debra. Vogel tells Dexter that the new serial killer in town may be one of her former patients, as he's been putting his victims' excised brain pieces in a jar, and leaving them on her doorstep. She feels threatened by this and asks Dexter to take care of him for her. Dexter bluntly refuses, however. The Brain Surgeon later kills another victim via a patsy (Lyle Sussman), and leaves his body in a skatepark. This time, a fingerprint is left at the crime scene. However, this only belongs to Sussman, who was killed by the Brain Surgeon and later framed for his crimes. The Brain Surgeon breaks into Vogel's house and leaves a DVD containing footage

Another body

of his murder of Welks and Sussman. Dexter and Vogel both watch the footage and realize what has truly happened, though they hide it from the

A DVD, showing the unheralded killer holding Sussman at gunpoint

police department.

The Brain Surgeon re-stages the crime scene where he killed Sussman (initially placing Sussman's corpse on a meat hook), so that it appears as though Sussman blew his own brains out with a shotgun. This convinces the police that Sussman was the Brain Surgeon and committed suicide out of remorse. The killer later sends pieces of Sussman's brain (the occipital lobe; responsible for vision) to Vogel, labelled "his" and "hers", inside small gift containers. Dexter believes that this indicates that the killer is watching them. Going through Vogel's list of patients, Dexter vets Ron Galuzzo, a man who killed his best friend as a child, but initially had Vogel convinced that it was actually a bully who committed the act. This also turns out to be a dead end, as Galuzzo is revealed to be a cannibal.

Meanwhile, Debra nearly gets a DUI (but Quinn helps her get off the hook). She and Dexter later have dinner and Dexter shows her the video recorded in the past (where she saved numerous innocent people during a restaurant shoot-out), in order to convince her that she is a good person. A little earlier, she and Elway hired a woman who suspects her husband of cheating on her. After being shown some pictures of her husband putting his face into the breasts of another woman, the wife is totally in denial... refusing to believe what she sees before her and ceases her quest to find out about her husband's lewd behavior. This influences Debra to stop being in denial by going to the police station (while in an intoxicated state) with the intention of confessing to LaGuerta's murder. She tells Quinn what she's done, but the latter simply thinks she's talking nonsense due to being drunk. He thinks that Debra simply feels guilty for LaGuerta's death, because she knew that LaGuerta was heading to the shipping yard, where she met her final end (apparently at the hands of Estrada). Quinn calls Dexter, telling him what's happening and he and Vogel quickly go to the station to stop Debra from taking it any further. Vogel tells Quinn that Debra is suffering from 'survivor's guilt', a constituent of post-traumatic stress disorder. Dexter finds Debra in the interrogation room and, after she tries to leave and publicly confess, he injects her with a small dose of M99. When Quinn comes inside, he tells him that Debra passed out. Dexter and Vogel take her home and Dexter asks Vogel to help Debra deal with her problems. He still feels guilty for the state Debra is in. At the end of the episode, Dexter kills Galuzzo, calling him 'disgusting' for being a cannibal, though admits that both of them are alike.


The marking on the back of Yates' head

Dexter comes across another potential Brain Surgeon suspect, A.J. Yates, labeled 'Chapter 7' in Vogel's list of patients. Upon vetting A.J., Dexter finds out that he works for Solray Communications (a cable company). Dexter then glances at Yates and notes an oddity - a cicatrix on the back of his head. Looking in Vogel's book for information about the strange scar, Dexter finds none and so goes to ask Vogel how Yates got this marking.  After questioning her, she explains that A.J. possessed highly violent behavior (notably, attacking a classmate at a young age) and so she requested surgery be done to his brain (after concluding that there was a lesion on it). Vogel knows that Dexter could've only called her about the scar, and so asks why he's really here (only to figure out that it's because of his guilt-ridden sister). Vogel questions Dexter's attitude, stating that psychopaths don't have emotional responses, but Dexter only says that she's underestimating him.

Meanwhile, Vogel has begun to treat Debra, even taking her to the shipping yard where the latter murdered LaGuerta. Dexter goes to Yates' house, only to find him 'gone'. As Dexter opens the door and walks deeper into the house, it's revealed that multiple security cameras are focused on Dexter, with A.J. behind the controls and observing. Yates readies himself with a tazer, quietly exits his "lair", and begins to advance through the hallways. He overhears Dexter (who has found womens' shoes in a closet) talking to Vogel about "The Brain Surgeon". After they finish, Dexter hears movement coming from the hall, but finds nobody there. Yates retreats to his "lair", confirming that Dexter must be Vogel's "hero". He sits back down, and a seemingly captive woman can be seen in the background.

Later, Dexter returns to Yates' house, only to find him gone and the house completely vacant. Upon thoroughly searching the house, he discovers brain surgery diagrams and, even more so, the jars sent to Vogel that contain brain pieces. After finding and rescuing the captive woman (who was held in a cabinet by A.J.), Dexter calls Vogel over to the house, only to discover files on that Yates kept on his computer. He opens a file, only to reveal Vogel's true intent - she was using Dexter to write another one of her stories. Dexter then tells her to leave his life once "The Brain Surgeon" threat passes

Later, Dexter manages to corner A.J. in the nursing home where the latter's father is comatose, but A.J. instinctively pulls his own father's oxygen tube, triggering an alarm that alerts the nurses; while risking his father's life, he was able to save his own. While driving home, Dexter's voiceover reveals that Vogel doesn't deserve to be in his life and can go to hell (as demonstrated when he rejects her phone-call).

When Dexter goes to the police station, he is greeted by a seemingly normal Debra, who desires to take a ride with him to get past their squabbles. While driving, they converse about Dexter's situation with Vogel, and how she is clueless of Dexter and Deb's relationship. Debra eventually asks out of curiosity if Harry killed himself, only for Dexter to respond that he did, though acts like Harry overdosed on his heart medication (not wanting Debra to know that it was himself who lead to Harry's suicide). However, Debra had already learned the truth after watching Harry's sessions with Vogel, and asks if it was because of him. After confirming the truth, Debra grabs the wheel from Dexter's hands and drives it into a lake, where it crashes and begins to sink. Miraculously, a bystander witnesses this and saves Debra, who, in turn, sees that Dexter is drowning and saves him...

In a therapy session lead by Vogel, Dexter is obviously dissatisfied with Debra's thought to kill him and herself. He reasons that Harrison would be an orphan if he was to die. Debra comes to and admits that she was mentally "fogged" and barely put any thought into it. However, Dexter has trouble believing this and tells both her and Vogel to go to hell. After some time passes and as Dexter searches for Yates, Yates reaches Vogel and kidnaps her in her own house, threatening to kill her if she continues to struggle. He brings her to his house, where Yates begins a conversation by accusing her of sending Dexter to his house. Vogel begs for her life and tries to find a way out of this, even attempting to calm Yates by saying that his brain surgery is the cause of his violence. However, her efforts do not work, as Yates just puts a bag over her head and dismisses the scar.

Later, their conversation begins to intensify, with Vogel mentioning Yates' crazed mother as being an inspiration for his violence, though this only leads to him threatening to sever one of her toes (as per his usual ritual). However, Vogel defends herself and even mimics the personality of his mother (in order to scare Yates into obeying her). Meanwhile, Dexter and Debra are able to reconcile through searching for Vogel together... lead by a list of vacant houses that Yates has worked in. Dexter and Debra are able to pinpoint the address with the assistance of Elway, and end up saving Vogel (who has been tied up in a closet). While the others wonder where Yates could've gotten to, Dexter realizes that Yates is hiding under the bed (remembering how Vogel had set her phone on speaker, and this allowed Dexter to hear Yates and Vogel's earlier conversation). When Yates is just about to slash at Debra with a knife, Dexter locates a long curtain rod shaped like a spear and smashes it through the bed, which impales A.J. and he dies in a matter of seconds.

Dexter impales Yates through the bed he's hiding under.

 Vogel states that she is glad that Dexter and Debra were able to find their way back to each other, and that Debra has been very resilient. Under a unique set of circumstances, the three are present on The Slice of Life when Dexter disposes of Yates' body. Dexter reveals that he now views Vogel as a family member.

In the next episode, Dexter trails a young psychopath (Zach Hamilton), who apparently killed a woman named Norma Rivera in cold-blood. Dexter notes how Zach is attracted to the sight of blood at crime scenes. Upon trailing Zach, he finds him visiting Vogel!! Dexter waits outside for Zach to leave, before going into Vogel's house to question her. Upon questioning her, she explains how Zach's father informed her of his son's violent tendencies, and asked her to treat him. She reminds him that working with psychopaths is her only agenda and specialty. Despite repeating the mistake of trying to pacify a psychopath (what she did with Yates), she dismisses Dexter's concerns and the fact that Zach is even guilty. Later, Dexter and Quinn, who is also on the verge of incriminating Zach for a different reason, observe Zach staking out a dance rehearsal. While Quinn starts talking about Debra's confession a few weeks earlier, Dexter manages to specify the woman that Zach appears to be stalking, and finds her license plate. Dexter later uses this when ransacking Zach's apartment, where he also finds a discarded photo of Norma and pictures of Zach bludgeoning the girl on his computer. After proving his guilt, Dexter follows him to the club where Zach's father works. Quinn is also there, but Dexter is able to throw him off quite easily. When Zach's dad and the girl exit the club and make their way through the parking lot, Zach exits his car and proceeds to follow them to a corner. Dexter also proceeds to follow Zach. When Zach is about to pull out a knife and kill his father, Dexter intercedes and tranquilizes Zach in the neck and Ed is oblivious to his son's attempt to kill him.  

Upon putting Zach on his kill table and hearing him out, Dexter comes to see the many similarities between Zach and himself, and so decides to release Zach and take him on as a disciple, teaching him The Code of Harry. After Dexter and Debra sit down to talk for a while, Debra begins to feel a little a woozy, and begins to faint. When Dexter comes to her aid, he too begins to collapse....only for Hannah McKayto enter. She greets a fainting Dexter, asking if he remembers her.  

During the second half of the season, Dexter realizes that Hannah has returned to Miami for love (not revenge), and even admits that she wanted Dexter to kill her brand new husband (though Hannah ends up killing him herself instead). After some time passes, the two then plan on moving to Argentina together with Harrison (with the intent of starting a new, tranquil life). Debra doesn't take this news very lightly, but, overtime, she comes to accept their relationship. Meanwhile, Jacob Elway is notified by Debra that Hannah may indeed be back in Miami, and he sends A Deputy Marshalto try and follow her trail. The Marshal becomes suspicious of The Morgans and, when he hears the news that Dexter is leaving, he comes to suspect that Dexter is harboring Hannah's presence. When he voices his suspicions to Debra, she utterly dismisses them...However, after a bystander recognizes a publicized Hannah coming into the doctor's office with her "son", and with the name 'Debra Morgan' written down, he realizes that Debra was lying. Meanwhile, Zach is brutally murdered by the real Brain Surgeon, who leaves Zach's lifeless corpse sitting

Dexter realizes that The Brain Surgeon is still active.

on a chair in Dexter's apartment. Dexter manages to find one of the killer's hairs in Zach's apartment, which he tests, only to reveal that the killer is a relative of Vogel's!! Vogel tells Dexter that she had two sons; Daniel and Richard. She explains how Richard died at the hands of his brother, whom she sent away to a mental facility for psychiatric treatment. However, a disastrous fire broke out there that killed all of the child inhabitants. Dexter believes that Daniel did survive and could have been the cause of the fire himself. Despite Vogel's disbelief, she gives Dexter a picture of Daniel, which Dexter takes to do some facial tests upon. He soon discovers that Oliver Saxon (the former boyfriend of Cassie Jollenston) is actually the Brain Surgeon and Vogel's eldest son. However, she secretly meets up with her estranged son and, in the presence of her long lost relative, convinces him that she will help him to freely exist. However, this proves to be not true...Her devotion to Dexter leads to her own fate at the

Saxon cuts his mother's throat.

hands of her son, who cuts her throat right in front of a stunned Dexter, but not before calling Dexter and telling him, "Mother chose the wrong son, again." Dexter breaks open the door and finds Vogel bleeding out on the floor, and he embraces her in deep sorrow. Saxon uses this time to escape. Her death deeply impacts Dexter, who calls the police in, but not before clearing out her house of all the information, files and videos therein relating to him. When Saxon discovers that the police are now suspecting him of murdering Cassie, he brings himself in to clear his name, and it is here that Dexter is told to take a DNA sample from him, whereby the police learn that he is related to Vogel and so Detective Quinn has a feeling that Saxon might be responsible for the murder of his own mother. Saxon meets up with Dexter in his apartment, telling him that he's offering him a truce - Both of them forget about each other and go on their own separate paths in life. Dexter bluntly refuses, but
2013-09-27 1128

Saxon offers Dexter a truce.

Saxon reminds him that he has a lot more to lose than himself - A son, two step children, a sister and a girlfriend (Hannah). Dexter then agrees to the truce, but, in secret, he plans to kill Saxon to protect his family from harm (similarly to how he made a truce with Trinity years earlier, but was planning to kill him in secret). In The Treatment Room, he also finds Saxon's computer, containing footage of him murdering several of his previous victims. Dexter brings this footage to a local media outlet, via internet, presenting himself as a 'concerned citizen'. This immediately gets Saxon's attention, who gets enraged at Dexter for putting him in the spotlight and giving him obloquy. He breaks into Dexter's apartment and sneaks into his bedroom to kill him. However, Dexter injects him with M99 while Debra is holding a gun to the back of Saxon's head.
2013-09-20 0201

Saxon strapped to his own kill table

Dexter straps him to his very own table in the Treatment Room. However, Saxon shows no signs of fear or anger, but he just lies there in amusement and awaits his demise. However, as Dexter speaks with Saxon, Dexter comes to realize that he no longer feels an urge to kill and just wants to be with Hannah and Harrison at best. Saxon then tells him to walk away and forget about everything, but Dexter stuffs a
2013-09-27 1138

Dexter embraces Debra one last time before leaving off to the airport.

rag into his mouth and tells him that he's still going to die, but by an electric chair (not by Dexter's hand). He then calls Debra over and tells her to arrest Saxon, and the two share a 'goodbye' with one another. However, unbeknownst to Debra, Clayton was following her the whole time...sus
2013-09-16 1516

Debra is badly wounded by Saxon's gunshot.

pecting her of harboring Hannah, who is now a wanted fugitive. Clayton goes inside the hospital where Saxon is being held and, in the presence of an "innocent victim" (Saxon is in fact, using a pretense), Clayton frees him. Saxon proceeds to immediately stab Clayton in the chest with one of Dexter's knives that were unfortunately set down right beside him. He then takes Clayton's gun and, as Debra comes inside, he immediately shoots her in the gut. As she's falling down, however, she manages to get in a shot on Saxon's arm as he is escaping.


Elway follows Hannah to the airport where she and Dexter are leaving from. However, Dexter is able to remove his threat by planting a backpack near the seats, claiming that there may be something lethal inside of it. This results in Elway being falsely detained by airport security. However, the flights are still ultimately cancelled due to the oncoming Hurricane Laura, and Hannah and Dexter are forced to divert to another airport.

Dexter soon finds out that Debra has been shot by Oliver Saxon, who proceeds to knock out a man and hijack his car. Thus, Dexter arrives to speak with his bedridden sister, who the doctor claims to be in fabulous condition. They converse about their past (including Dexter having some memories about Harrison's birth) and Dexter claims that he was responsible for Debra's gunshot injury, due to the fact that she witnessed him kill Travis Marshall, which led into a whole lot of other chaos. Debra appreciates his concern, but only sees what's best for him and so forces him to leave and enjoy the remainder of his life with Hannah. Elway confronts Dexter here, first asking about Debra's injury...which Dexter does not have time to explain. When Elway accuses Dexter of being with Hannah, Dexter pins him against a wall, just telling him to stay away. Elway only says that a "storm" is coming and that there will be little escape on his partAs Dexter is leaving, Elway instructs him to not side with Hannah.

Saxon finds a local veterinarian, whom he coerces into stitching up his lacerated arm. After the vet is done, Saxon sees a broadcast about the "injured detective", and so demands the vet drive him to The Miami Central Hospital (where Debra is being held). Saxon manages to create a scene by removing the vet's tongue and letting him loose in the hospital, which distracts the doctors long enough so that Saxon can roam freely in the back, whilst searching for Debra. Dexter, however, had prepared for Saxon's arrival and attempts to kill him, though is intercepted by Angel Batista, who puts a gun to Saxon's neck and has him arrested on the spot.

Dexter, however, finds that Debra has been moved from her room, and finds Quinn weeping. Upon questioning him, Quinn explains that Debra has been moved into a much higher care. The nurse then shows the two a comatose Debra, who she explains had a stroke due a blood clot caused from earlier surgery. She tells them that Debra is unconscious...and potentially brain-dead. Explaining that it would be a miracle for her to survive, Dexter exits the room in pure rage, believing that there simply are no miracles. In the Miami Metro interrogation room, Angel promises to nail Saxon to the wall for his crimes, and they enter the room to cuff Saxon and incarcerate him.

While Saxon is incarcerated, Dexter asks to perform a GSR test on him. Upon entering the cell, Dexter interprets his feelings about Debra's wound...explaining that it was his very own fault, though still blames Saxon for his other crimes. He takes out a pen...explaining that this will end Saxon's life. Instead, Saxon grabs the pen and lunges towards Dexter, who uses his reflexes to dodge out of the way so that the pen only pierces his left shoulder. Dexter yanks the pen out and stabs Saxon's left carotid artery...which causes Saxon to bleed out and fall dead in a matter of seconds. Dexter is able to convince both Angel and Quinn that it was in self-defense. The police footage does not lie, and Dexter is not charged for the crime.


Even on the verge of death, Saxon sports a grin.


Hannah injects Elway.

Meanwhile, Hannah and Harrison make it onto a bus heading to a different airport. Elway catches up with Hannah, and jokingly mocks the fact that she is good with kids. Elway doesn't thoroughly explain how he found her, but tells her that he is going to turn her into the Marshals. When Hannah then offers him some tea, he turns this down, believing that it's poisoned...However, Hannah injects Elway with a dose of M99...,which takes a moment to complete it's effect. It is presumed that Elway is left on the bus until he wakes up at a random location, and his hunt for Hannah ends in failure.

With Hurricane Laura swiftly approaching, Miami continues to evacuate it's population, including the Miami Central Hospital patients. Dexter boards his boat and arrives at the dock just outside of the hospital. Various patients can be seen leaving the hospital on stretchers, and boarding various life rafts and emergency vehicles within the vicinity. Dexter uses this chaos to walk into the hospital, where a nurse tries to inform him that all of the patients are being evacuated.

He ignores this and enters the room where his sister Debra is being kept on life-support. Struck with intense emotional grief and not wanting to leave her in a vegetative state...he struggles with himself to turn off her life support, and he ultimately hits the switch. Much like Camilla Figg years ago, Dexter delivers a merciful death to his

Dexter mercifully shuts off his sister's life-support.

sister...Dexter takes Debra from her room, moving her outside of the building, where he picks her up from her bed and carries her to his boat.

After undocking, he makes his way far out to sea, where the hurricane can be seen approaching in the distance. As he leaves Miami behind him, he parks his boat, and then calls Hannah (who is now boarding the plane with Harrison) one last time. After falsely assuring her that he'll see her in Argentina, Hannah passes the phone to Harrison, whom Dexter tells that he loves and for him to always remember that. He closes the phone and tosses it into the water, turning to his dearly expired sister, whom he picks up gently and walks to the edge of his boat. Here he lets her go into the waters of The Gulf Stream and he then collapses on the side...struck with his loss.


Debra, just before being dumped in the harbor by Dexter

Dexter then steels himself, believing that all of what he does brings death to
Dexter's Decision

Dexter pilots his boat out into the storm, disappearing from Miami forever.

those close to him; his father, his brother, his best friend, Miguel Prado, his wife, Rita, his spiritual mother, Evelyn Vogel, and finally his sister, Debra. Not wishing this fate on Hannah or his son, he drives his boat straight into Hurricane Laura...where it disappears amongst all of the streams.


The storm clears out and the wreckage of the Slice of Life can be found far off in the sea by patrol units, who report this to Angel Batista. An article is posted in reference to his death, which Hannah discovers as she's sitting at a restaurant with Harrison. Upon realizing that he's deceased, she holds her emotions in to not worry her "son" and takes him under her care...

The article reads:

Forensic Tech's Wreckage Found - No Sign of Life
Dexter's Requiem
The search has been called off for missing Miami Police Forensics Specialist Dexter Morgan, who is now considered a drowning victim by Miami Metro Police officials.
The U.S. Coast Guard and Miami Police Dive Team have been searching for Morgan since not long after the man went missing in Biscayne Bay during last week's hurricane. According to police officials, Morgan's boat called Slice of Life broke up in the storm and was found adrift just off Virginia Key. There was no trace of Morgan on board.
It is still unclear why Morgan was piloting the 24-foot Century boat during such severe weather. "The boat was found in open water. Morgan's destination and purpose for being at sea is a mystery", officials said.
The boat was found in two pieces drifting away from Virginia Key. "We're not sure what destroyed the boat - but, in a storm like Hurricane Laura, it is not surprising a boat of that size was turned to kindling." Letch said.
U.S. Coast Guard said no mayday call was made to Coast Guard from the boat. The Coast Guard did, however, report having responded to over 15 distress calls during the storm. Morgan was not one of them.
The boat was three-quarters of a mile to one mile off shore and the water was about 45 feet deep with a water temperature of about 89 degrees at the surface.
Dexter Morgan worked as a Forensic Technician with the Miami Metro Police Department. He was a blood spatter specialist and helped solve many high profile cases in Miami-Dade over the course of several years, including the Bay Harbor Butcher case. This is (rest is obscured).[1]

Fate of Dexter


The final shot of Dexter

During the final scenes, several large logging trucks, loaded with felled trees, arrive at a lumber mill. One of the loggers is the focus as he finishes up his work and returns to his cabin. The man closes the door behind him, takes off a cold-weather vest, and sits down at a wooden table. He looks out the window at his left before he faces forward. Behind his grown-out beard and flannel jacket is the face of the Bay Harbor Butcher, who closes his eyes for a moment and then opens them, staring straight into the camera. It's Dexter Morgan, alive and alone, in an undisclosed location.





  • This is the second season in which the main antagonist (Saxon) is killed by Dexter in front of people (Quinn, Batista) who are close to him but are unaware of his secret. The first was Season Six when Debra witnessed him killing Travis Marshall.
  • This is the third season in which Dexter takes another person as his apprentice or accomplice. The others were Season Three in which Dexter partnered with Miguel Prado and Season Five in which Dexter collaborates with Lumen Pierce. This season, Zach Hamilton becomes Dexter's apprentice and he begins to also follow Harry's Code. Unfortunately, Zach is killed by Oliver Saxon.
  • This is the second season in which the main antagonist kills someone (Vogel) close to Dexter. The first was Season Four in which Arthur Mitchell kills Rita.
The Episodes of Dexter


  1. Careful reading by an editor of the Wiki, some words were too blurred by the scene to read

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