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Scott Ross

Scott Ross Provider of Pills for Parties

Scott Ross is a character in the Showtime special event series Dexter: New Blood.

He is a student at Iron Lake High School and a friend of Zach Wright.


On his way to work, Dexter (as Jim Lindsay) greets three high school students - Zach, Becka, and Scott. Zach asks if he's coming to the match next week and Dexter says, "I'm gonna try. Go Hawks."

High school students show up at Dexter's cabin to join the search for Matt Caldwell. Audrey makes eye contact with Harrison and he approaches her. After chatting for a moment about their parents, Audrey introduces him to Zach and Scott, calling Zach the smart one. Scott jokes, "Duh. Me Scott," and bumps fists with Harrison.

When Harrison says Audrey has a "cool shirt,' Scott asks, "You mean her "myew" shirt? What does it even mean? Married monsters in…" Audrey interrupts, explaining, "Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women."  Audrey tells Harrison that she's sorry he ended up in Iron Lake. He says that he's just passing through.

Zach and Scott direct the group to some vacant cabins. Zach orders them to hide when Edward Olsen's helicopter whirrs past. Harrison reminds them about looking for Matt. Scott, though, says the whole town and the reservation are searching, and Zach says they aren't needed. Audrey calls Matt an "entitled prick" so instead they are going to party.

Groaning, Zach tries to break into a cabin but it has a new lock on the door. Next, Scott tries to break in by force, but he can't. Harrison speaks up to say that he's "got it" and easily removes the lock. Smiling, Audrey tells Harrison, "Mom is really not gonna like you."

Once inside the cabin, the group plays music and smokes pot. Harrison refuses to take Audrey's joint so she passes it to Scott, who asks Harrison if he’s a Mormon. Harrison says that he has a history with drugs but got clean a couple years ago.

Audrey and Zach begin to question Harrison about the deaths of his mother and stepmom. He says that his stepmom died of cancer, but he remains silent about his mother. Harrison then claims to be freezing and leaves to get wood for the fire. While he's gone, Scott calls Harrison a weird dude. Looking for a "manifesto," he and Zach search through his knapsack, finding a book of sketches. As Harrison is returning, he hears Audrey telling them to stop. Harrison deliberately makes a clunking noise, which causes Scott, Zach, and Audrey to scramble back to their seats.

After dark, the group returns to Dexter's cabin and Angela grounds Audrey for hanging out at Roaring Forks Summer Camp. When Scott scoffs and denies it, Angela points out the Roaring Forks T-shirt he's wearing.

At school, Harrison sees Zach and his friends laughing in a hallway and he tells them that the placement test was "cake." Scott quips, "Check out the big brain on H." Zach shows Harrison a text message chain with Ethan where Zach pretends to be an interested hot girl. Harrison doesn’t know Ethan so Scott points at him and calls him a "ballsack." They watch Ethan"s reaction as Zach sends him a semi-nude photo of a female. Harrison says, "That’s fucked up." Zach and Scott laugh.

Instead of joining Audrey, Zach, and Scott during lunch, Harrison sits down with Ethan and informs him that he's being catfished by Zach. From a nearby table, Zach watches the two talking.

With Harrison's help, Ethan gets revenge on Zach by sending a photoshopped meme of him having sex with a goat. Zach is infuriated when his friends laugh. Scott taunts, "Ethan strikes back. You gonna let him get away with that?" Ethan, standing next to Harrison, holds up both his middle fingers. Shouting insults, Zach rushes toward Ethan, apparently to hurt him. However, Harrison intervenes by grabbing Zach's neck and warning him to leave Ethan alone. Harrison then throws a shocked Zach against a locker as Ethan watches in admiration. Scott runs up to Harrison, but he backs down.

Audrey asks what's going on and Scott says they’re "just chillin'".  As Harrison leaves with Audrey, he tells Zach and Scott that he made the wrestling team and will see them on the mat. Zach is speechless.

The students on Ethan's kill list gather in the auditorium and Principal Strode invites Sergeant Logan to the podium to address them. "What's up, Coach?" Zach shouts and the other kids hoot. Logan tells them to settle down and says he's proud of how they handled themselves, adding that counseling is being offered.

Zach suggests a shout-out to Harrison for "saving all their asses" and Logan says they are grateful for Harrison being part of their community.

"Speech!" Zach yells, inciting the students to chant, "Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech! Speech!"

Harrison stands up to talk. "I mean, I don't really know what to say. Um, I'm glad no one got hurt."  "Except Ethan," Scott interjects. Harrison continues: "You-you know, personally, I don't really hold anything against Ethan. I mean, yeah, he, uh, he planned to do something terrible. And he ended up stabbing me, but, uh, you guys picked on him for years. You-you beat him up, made fun of him. You kind of made his life hell, you know? And I guess it's like, yeah,  ...yeah, we're all victims, or whatever. And I know everyone's saying that Ethan was a-a-a psycho or a-a monster or something, but he was definitely also a victim. So... I don't know. I guess we all have two sides to us. Maybe we're a little bit hero and a little bit, I-I don't know, monster. It's all about which side wins out in the end."  

Harrison receives a round of applause.





Scott: (finding Harrison's sketch book) "We got an artist here."
Audrey: "So he's actually good at something, unlike the two of you."
Scott: "We're good at stuff."
Audrey: "Pinning half-naked guys to mats."
Scott: "Wrestling is an Olympic sport, Audrey."
Audrey: "So is Ping-Pong."

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