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Santa Maria de Laredo is a location in Showtime's series DEXTER.

It was an abandoned church, and the base of operations for the Doomsday Killer.


Season Six:

Season Seven:


Former priest Nicholas Galway preached at this church until he retired, and then it was abandoned. At some point, Travis Marshall began to use it as a place to prepare his Doomsday Tableaus. The church itself appeared to be over a hundred years old and was of Victorian architecture.

According to a nun in Galway's retirement home, the Santa Maria de Laredo was located "out in Davie" and had been abandoned for over twenty years. The church appeared to have no electricity, as it was lit by candles and fire bowls. There was, however, a refrigerator that stored jars of Travis Marshall's blood, and a freezer in the basement that held the body of Professor Gellar who had been dead for three years. The appliances may have been powered by a generator.

The interior of the facility was adorned with paintings done by Travis Marshall, although some may have originally been created by Professor Gellar when he was alive. Each painting depicted a separate tableau that the Doomsday Killer created in order to bring on the End of Days and the New World.

Dexter was observed by Debra Morgan when he killed Travis Marshall inside this church. Using his acting skills, Dexter then persuaded Debra to help him set Marshall's body on fire to cover up the crime. Unfortunately, Dexter lost Marshall's blood slide during the process and it was later found by Captain Maria LaGuerta. This led Maria to eventually suspect Dexter of being the Bay Harbor Butcher.

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