Sam Duke is a character in Dexter Early Cuts and one of Dexter's attempted victims.


Early Cuts

About a week before New Year's Eve, Sam committed several home invasions, with two of them turning deadly. Dexter was planning to hunt him down for the murders, until Sergeant James Doakes showed up with Sam in cuffs. Dexter was annoyed at this, but moved on to target someone else.


  • When Doakes brings Sam in, the scene is nearly identical to that of when Little Chino is brought in for questioning. Everything from the two flags on both sides to the outfits all the characters are wearing. The only difference is that Sam is obviously a much smaller individual than Chino (though still taller than Doakes). His hands are in handcuffs, whereas Chino's hands are free, and Chino is wearing his signature shades, while there is nothing on Sam's face.

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