Saint Peters Medical Center

Saint Peter's Medical Center

Saint Peter's Medical Center is a location in Showtime's series DEXTER.

Harrison Morgan had surgery for a ruptured appendix in this hospital.

Season Six

Dexter Morgan received a call at work that Harrison had been taken to the Saint Peter’s Medical Center. When Dexter arrived at the hospital, the doctor told him that Harrison’s temperature was 104, his appendix had ruptured, and he needed immediate surgery. Jamie Batista and Debra Morgan were already in Harrison’s hospital room, where he was loudly crying. Dexter signed the parental consent form and Harrison was wheeled to surgery.

At that moment, Dexter received a phone call from Brother Sam, notifying him that his car was ready to be picked up. Dexter said it would have to wait because he was at St. Peter’s with his son who just went into surgery, and he cut the call short. While in the waiting room, Dexter researched complications for Harrison’s condition. Also, Debra’s news press conference aired, with her usage of the word “fuck.”

To the surprise of Dexter and Debra, Brother Sam arrived to support Dexter. Debra and Jamie took off to the cafeteria, leaving Dexter and Sam behind to talk. Sam brought up the concept of surrendering to God, but Dexter was not interested. Sam then told Dexter that he used to believe in his father, called Mister. However, while still young, he learned that his father was a hired killer when he involved him in a murder, which left Sam covered in blood.

Deeply worried about Harrison, Dexter went to get a coffee. He didn’t really believe in a higher being but, for the moment, he just wanted his son to survive. With no one nearby, he promised that he'd do anything if Harrison would be okay. After his son's successful surgery, he said, "Thank God," which Brother Sam heard. Dexter told him it was just a “just an expression.”

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