Dexter at the Donut shop

Sadie's Donuts & Coffee is a location in Showtime's series DEXTER.

It is the prime establishment where Dexter Morgan purchases donuts every so often to bring into the Miami Metro Police Department, as part of his "mask" for the general public. Because of this, he's considered the "donut guy."

Season Three

Miguel Prado, after a falling-out with his wife (who caught him at Maria LaGuerta’s house, assumes that Dexter set him up. He stages a confrontation with Dexter the next morning at the donut shop and threatens to investigate Debra for her relationship with Anton Briggs.

Season Six

Dexter is in the donut shop, with his young son, Harrison, musing about how trusting children are. He feeds Harrison a donut bite (courtesy of Francisco). Dexter orders two coffees and asks Francisco what's good for an apology. Francisco asks "Male or female?" Dexter says it's for his sister, so Francisco recommends a cruller. Dexter leaves the store, and takes the donuts to Debra's Beach House, to apologize for his lengthy road trip.

Jamie Batista and Louis Greene sit at a table in the shop.

Season Seven

The shop comes under attack by Isaak Sirko in his vendetta to kill Dexter Morgan. However, Isaak fails, leaving Francisco's shop damaged with no casualties. Francisco blames local gangsters for the destruction.


The inside of the shop is rarely seen but it is the practical setup of a bakery, featuring donuts and other pastries within a glass display case. The shop contains small tables where two people can sit to eat in. A full view of the shop can be seen in the episode "Go Your Own Way" when Miguel Prado and Dexter visit it and have a tense conversation.


Only one worker, Francisco, is shown. He is very friendly and helpful to his customers, even offering Dexter advice on what type of donuts to give for particular situations.

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  • The shop actually exists as a real donut shop, known as Colonial Bakery & Donuts at 355 Pacific Avenue (although it is listed as being at the southwest corner of 4th & Pacific Avenue in Long Beach, California).[1]



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