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Doakes approaches S.S. Fubar

S.S. Fubar is an object and a location in Showtime’s series DEXTER.

It is a boat where James Doakes kills Curtis Barnes.

Season Two[]

Alisha Barnes is found dead, shot execution style, and her husband is the prime suspect. Sgt. James Doakes arranges to meet a friend of the murder suspect and goes to a boat named S.S. Fubar, docked at the Blue Wing Marina. To Doakes' surprise, the man he meets turns out to the murder suspect himself, Curtis Barnes, a fellow former Black-Ops ranger.

Doakes asks him if it's true that he killed his wife. When Barnes admits it, Doakes tries to arrest him. Barnes tries to convince Doakes to help him escape by stalling the investigation, to give him time to flee on his boat to Cuba. Doakes refuses and they both draw their guns in a stand-off until Barnes (facing the prospect of prison) commits "suicide-by-cop" by forcing Doakes to shoot & kill him.

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  • FUBAR is an acronym that originated in the military to stand for the words "fucked up beyond all repair."