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Galuzzo's living room

Ron Galuzzo’s House is a location in Season Eight of the Showtime series DEXTER.

It’s the home of Ron Galuzzo, a cannibal who is killed by Dexter Morgan.


Dexter suspects that Ron Galuzzo, a former patient of Dr. Vogel, is the true Brain Surgeon.

First, Dexter pays a visit to Work Out City where Galuzzo sells exercise equipment. Galuzzo doesn’t seem to recognize Dexter, which he should if he’s the killer. While trying to make a sale, Galuzzo takes Dexter’s body measurements and admires his low fat to muscle ratio. Dexter has one of Dr. Vogel’s books with him and he shows it to Galuzzo, mentioning how famous she is. When Galuzzo denies knowing her, Dexter assumes he's hiding something.

Next, Dexter breaks into Galuzzo’s house after he leaves for work. It’s messy inside, except for a pristine kitchen. Dexter wonders why Galuzzo is such a slob everywhere else.

As Dexter looks around the kitchen, he finds a human finger cooking in a pot of stew and is thoroughly disgusted. Other human body parts are stored in Galuzzo's freezer, neatly packed and labeled in plastic containers. There is an intact brain in the refrigerator and Dexter concludes that Galuzzo isn't the Brain Surgeon since he cuts up his victims' brains.

Later, Dexter sets up a kill room in the kitchen and wraps Galuzzo in plastic. Before Dexter takes the cannibal’s life, he remarks, “You're disgusting. A cannibal. A consumer of human flesh. There was a time when I couldn't imagine anyone being what you are, and doing what you do. But now I realize I'm just like you. I consume everyone I love.”

Galuzzo watches helplessly as Dexter chooses a knife.


  • That's why the kitchen is so clean. It's a kill room. Galuzzo wasn't checking my body fat for my own fitness. He was checking to see if I was fit to have as a main course. He's definitely a butcher. But does that make him the Brain Surgeon? Our killer leaves bodies out, but Galuzzo keeps his bodies to season and savor. This brain is completely intact, marinating in some sort of garlic sauce. Galuzzo wouldn't waste brains by sending them to Vogel. They're a delicacy. He eats them. Which means whoever's after us is still out there, and he still has the upper hand. - Dexter to himself, after finding body parts in Galuzzo’s kitchen

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