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Rolando Millet

Rolando Millet is an actor.

In 2006, he played Court Official in the Showtime series DEXTER.


Season One:



His film credits include roles in Fake News (2017); Havana, Habana (2017); Nowhere Fast (2013); Goldberg - P.I. (2011); Chick Magnet (2011 Video); Down and Distance (2010); One Angry Man (2010); 6 Angels (2006 Video); Escape from Cuba (2003); This Thing of Ours (2003); Matchups (2003 Video); 531 (2001); Smokin' Stogies (2001); Libertad (2000 Video); and Bikini Summer III: South Beach Heat (1997).


His TV credits include appearances on For The People; Superstore; 90210; America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back (series documentary); Raising the Bar; The Nine; Criminal Minds; ER; Karen Sisco; Strong Medicine; Judging Amy; General Hospital; Resurrection Blvd.; and The Andy Dick Show.

Personal Life[]

Millet was born in Havana, Cuba. His parents fled to the U.S. to escape communism when he was just a year old. He grew up in New Orleans with his younger sister. When he was a teenager, his parents moved to Miami where he was enrolled in acting classes.

In 2001, Millet and his wife, Azalea, moved to Los Angeles.