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Roger Ranney

Roger Ranney

Roger Ranney is an American actor, producer, director. and writer.

He played Nick Smith, the father of a kidnapped boy, on Showtime’s series DEXTER.


Season Four:



His film credits include roles in The First of May (1999); Innocent (2001 Short); The Wednesday Night Save the World Society (2001); The Eliminator (2004); Riding Shotgun (2004 Short); 3 Days Gone (2008); Chronic Town (2008); Mob Rules (2010); RockBarnes: The Emperor in You (2013); and Poker Donkey (2013 Short).

TV Movies

His TV movies include First Time Felon (1997).


His TV credits include appearances on NCIS; Raising the Bar; Las Vegas; Criminal Minds; Desperate Housewives; The Loop; Everybody Hates Chris; The Soul Man; CSI: Crime Scene Investigation; 24; Miracles; ER; JAG; Alias; NYPD Blue; V.I.P.; Justice; Standoff; The Huntress; Dark Blue; Sins of the City; The West Wing; Maximum Bob; From the Earth to the Moon (mini-series); The Cape; and seaQest DSV.

Personal Life[]

He was born in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Roger played football for the University of Central Florida. It was after college that he began acting, writing, and producing. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Laura, and their two children.


  • His alternate name is Roger Ranny.
  • Roger performs warm-up duties for the live taping of sitcoms.